Our annual summer event in Woodstock got supremely juicy this past July. We actually held our big gathering UNDER A TENT! Like a real revival. The weekend kicked off Thursday night with a great dance party at the Byrdcliffe Barn. Many of the participating artists were there and we had a grand time. Friday we had events in people’s homes around town—a puppet show, a dance piece, a poetry reading, all hosted by local community members. Friday night we got together in the Community Center and watched Singin in the Rain—what a blast! Then Saturday—first we had a brunch at the home of one of our board members—this was a fundraiser for the weekend and a chance for our board to meet and for local supporters to meet the board. And, then, we all went to town to check out the site-specific work that was programmed in a variety of settings—the woods, the town park, the library fair, storefronts, parking lots, the flea market—a really cool selection of work, all with engagement built into it. Saturday evening we had a picnic on the grass and our pal, the great troubadour Andru Bemis played banjo and sang his mournful songs. So good. Afterward, there was a silent disco that ended up not being silent due to some technical snafus. BUT, nonetheless, we DANCED! Finally, Sunday! And our big, beautiful processional met in front of the Byrdcliffe Theater, with flags and banners and the L Train Brass Band from Brooklyn—truly a blast to walk down to Andy Lee Field, with neighbors coming out to the end of their driveways to say hi. Finally, we arrived at the field, and the tent, and what proceeded from there was transcendent. At one point I thought: This is what I envisioned all those years ago, when we first started, an artistic tent revival. And there it was. Magic. But the best kind of magic: theatrical, communal, tribal, musical, joyful. The magic that results when people come together to make things for one another. What a blast. Join us next year, the last weekend of July in Woodstock, NY. Seriously.