Flowers Book by Robert Lucy




At the start of the pandemic, Robert “Bobby” Lucy began making a new kind of painting. After painting on canvas for many years he started to use gessoed panels. The surface is much smoother than canvas and it makes for a much faster and looser process. Inspired by this new way of working and in addition to his usual work, he committed himself to making a new panel painting a week. Every Friday he would drop into The Secret City Daily to share the painting of the week. The images were beautiful—landscapes, flowers, a house on a lake—and created a sense of peace. This book is a collection of flower paintings from the past year and a half. It’s the first offering from The Secret City Press, a limited series of art books, poetry and prose from members of our extended community. The book can pre-ordered by clicking the following link: https://thesecretcity.breezechms.com/form/d3fb8659