Daily Essays from the Pandemic: An Invitation to Stop



Volume 1
5 x 8
62 pages

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Host and artistic director of The Secret City, Chris Wells, started holding daily online shows on Facebook in response to the March 12, 2020 shutdown due to Covid 19. Running at about a half hour, he called the show Daily Artistic Inspiration for Troubled Times.

From the start, there was a group of folks who showed up, eager to connect—“Community, connection and inspiration” — those were the tag words for the shows. In the beginning the shows were only on Facebook, but several  community members who were Instagram users were demanding that the show stream there as well, so they began streaming on Instagram about two weeks later. People  starting checking in from Florida, Chicago, San Francisco, Greeley, Colorado, Los Angeles, Montana, Minneapolis, Paris, Italy.

Wells often likes to say, “Through community, all things are possible.” This show has proven it  over and over again. People have an urgent need to stay connected, the deep human desire for community and a sense of belonging, and art’s endless ability to inspire all of us—to make, to dream, to be—and to actively participate in the new world we are making.