Summer Fundraiser is Here!

We’re back, babies! After years of being online with very little in-person programming, The Secret City rises like a funky phoenix from the ashes of the shutdown with a roster of gatherings in Woodstock, LA and New York City–AND, our first gathering ever in Kingston, NY. SO EXCITING! We’re throwing parties, holding Sunday Services, putting on parades and celebrating the Winter Solstice again, with pageantry and color and joy and inspiration–like we do.

And, to kick it off and make all of this glorious gathering possible, we’re raising funds here on IndieGoGo, old school crowdfunding style. $10,000. To pay staff, cover transportation costs, pay artists and more.

For those of you reading about us for the first time–WELCOME! The Secret City is a secular church of art. Our work is inclusive, celebratory, joyful and profound. We connect and reconnect: human to human, artist to creative purpose, individual to community, and everyone to the principles of art making: attention, curiosity, collaboration, tenacity, craft, rigor and generosity.