The Secret City is a non-profit arts organization that presents sincere and fabulous community celebrations of everyday creative life. With outfits. Join us!



Some Juicy Press About The Revival

The Secret City’s Art Revival in Woodstock “Healing the Healers” is one of the unofficial slogans of Secret City, a group that organizes art performances in New York City, Los Angeles, and Woodstock. The culmination of their yearly calendar is the Secret City Art Revival in Woodstock, July 25-28.

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The Secret City Radio Hour

This Week: Dara Lurie

Artistic Evolution! The Secret City Radio Hour features tasty music and conversations with artists. Our guest tonight is Dara Lurie, author, coach and workshop facilitator for TMI Project. Dara is deeply committed to creating transformational writing and learning experiences for individuals of different ages, cultures and cognitive backgrounds. Playlist includes Zap Mama, Prince, Joni Mitchell and much more.

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