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Sunday Service Selfies!

We had our monthly service yesterday–the theme was REBIRTH–and it was a sweet and beautiful gathering. Jeremy Bass played classical guitar music to start, Helena Lipstadt was the poet, Susan Dalian read the Cultural Calendar, Bobby Lucy presented the work of Louise Bourgeois and Maia Kamil was the musical guest. I wrote about paying attention–especially

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The Secret City Radio Hour is now The Artlife, with Chris Wells

Re-launching Next Week

For the past nearly-two years, the Secret City Radio Hour has been a weekly radio show on Radio Kingston, the great community radio station out of Kingston, NY. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the show has been off the air for six weeks. As of Monday, April 20th, we’re back with a rebranded show–now called The Artlife, with Chris Wells. Featuring good music and conversations with artists working and living locally and around the country. We examine the very particular ways that artists’ lives can go–surprising twists and turns, insights and lessons, which can teach us all.

Every Monday, 10pm – Midnight Eastern at AM 1490, FM 107.9, and streaming at .