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Wyatt Gallery


Presenting my photographs at Secret City was outstanding and refreshing. The overall experience was so… enriching.  It was like a soul recharge in a hectic city crowded with lots of people trying to achieve big dreams but not always connecting in open creative ways.  Secret City creates an environment of connection, unity, and enormous JOY. I just felt so great being there and absorbing Chris’ amazing energy as he danced and read and was fabulous. I absolutely loved the reading of the quotes from people’s dream intentions! Plus the singers!

What I like about showing my work from Remnants: After The Storm, was how open people were with their questions. They had excellent insights and questions that created a really dynamic engaging dialogue.
Overall, I would recommend Secret City to anyone who feels like they need more creative connection in their life while surviving the big apple! As a Life-Coach for creative individuals, I know we all need to have personal connection, not just online social “connecting”. Secret City provides this to like-minded people. It’s a place where one can open up, share, receive, and get a soul recharge!

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Wyatt Gallery

Wyatt Gallery, a person not a place, is an American photographer who grew up in Philadelphia and later received his BFA from New York University Tisch School of The Arts.