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What Are Your Dreams And Aspirations?


I asked “What are your dreams and aspirations and how have they changed?”
The answers came from the very young to the very mature. Here is what we wrote together.


Changed since when? Yesterday?
I wanted to be a dentist,
But now I want to be a pro soccer player.
I want to be a doctor—and an engineer.
I want to be a veterinarian.

I wanna be a snow cone maker.
(What’s wrong with that?! I dreamed about it!)

I wanted to be a mommy, a nurse, and a ballerina.
Now I just want to pay my bills.

When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a ballerina—who didn’t?
Now I just want to be in Martha Stewart “Weddings”.
It’s doable. It’s attainable.

I want to get to space. Not necessarily Mars—
But I want to get out there. Beam me up!

I have a boring dream:
For my children to become happy and healthy adults.

Mine have changed
From family focus to world focus.

I want to continue to travel and learn more about the world–
To keep learning from the City.

My dream is to spend the majority of my time in Nature.

I used to have city dreams.
Now I dream about waking up to trees and birds and fresh air

To find a place I’ll always feel happy in—

To live in the most sane world possible.

A better world for animals is truly my dream.

My dream is for a more compassionate world
Involving no more eating of animals.

To be compassionate.

I was just thinking about this on my bike ride!
Less success—More enjoyment.

To sing and make music and do a one-woman show!

I need to be getting paid to work in London.
I’d direct a ten minute play in a toilet—I just want to be there.

In grad school I wanted to write a book
The New Yorker would call a “tour de force”.
Now I just want to write a book and get it published.
(I’m from Flatbush, whaddya want?!)

I want to be an artist! How has that changed?
I want MORE!

I really wanted to be an artist
But I got waylaid.
I haven’t given up my dream.

My dreams just keep getting bigger.

Love would be nice.
Lust, even.
To find a partner.

WELL, I left my husband two days ago, so YES,
They have changed!
I’m going back to England and have a fabulous new career.
(How’s that?!)

I used to have very specific dreams.
Now I just want to be happy.

I have so many dreams it’s depressing.

I could NOT possibly explain all that to you in the time we have.

I can’t answer that.
I feel right now it’s important to hold on to my dreams and not share them—
To preserve their energy.

I dreamt of retiring early
But it’s not working out.
So—I want to be successful, but feel happy about it.

To remain vibrant as long as I live—
Following in the footsteps of my role models,
Natasha and Noah.

I dream of staying relevant as I age.

I was a diplomat and a photographer.
At 60 years old I became aware of the passage of time.
Now I am an artist
And am defending my territory
And my time.

Have my dreams changed?
YES! From long term to short term.

Small, manageable dreams.
Small, manageable dreams.
Small, manageable dreams.
This is my mantra.

I used to want to change the world.
Now I just want to leave the room with a little dignity


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Charlotte Booker