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From our Grand Poobah | WATER


We arrived in LA last night – the air is warm and dry. So different from the heavy fall vibe we’ve got going on in Upstate New York right now. We left fall foliage, rain showers and crisp mornings and landed in a drought stricken southland. Visited the desert last night to see my folks and its really bone dry out there – their lawn out back has died. I mention all this because, well, it’s what’s happening – severe drought (even the signs on the freeways announce the drought, HELP SAVE WATER…) and because our theme this coming Sunday is WATER. I chose it because I knew the conditions of the summer were bad and that things probably weren’t going to change much by the time we came back here this weekend. So, WATER – it’s a challenge to curate around such a topical theme: how to capture what’s really going on with people and their environment? while also remembering that we are artists and our job is to make art that draws people’s attention to the theme…so, back to my idea of art mindfulness. We will bring our focus and attention to WATER on Sunday and by doing so ask others to draw their attention to it as well. And, we will have a communal experience around water. I’m excited to see what happens. Our old pal, Jonny Rodgers, who performs under the moniker Cindertalk, is coming down from Oregon and he’s going to build a human rainstorm using the community, wineglasses, electronics and built in cues and loops and samples. Joining him will be our pal Ameenah Kaplan on drum and the band and audience. We also have a great line up of artists – Christophe Cassidy’s paintings of Ballona Creek, a food offering by Michael Dunn, inspired by the water ritual in Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land. My fantastic friend of many years, Patti Tippo, is bringing vintage bathing suits and we’re going to hang them all around the space. The poet Mariano Zaro is going to read a poem, also about swimsuits. Laural Meade and Fred Cassidy are cooking up the choir with some TLC and Al Green/Talking Heads.

Ok, enough of the details – I’m excited for the event on Sunday. Looking forward to seeing folks and celebrate WATER.


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Chris Wells

CHRIS WELLS is an Obie award-winning writer, actor, singer, cabaret performer, lyricist, teacher and arts activist who has made original theatre, music and performance for many years.