the next service is in Los Angeles on June 11

From our Grand Poobah | THE UNKNOWN


Autumn is upon us – here in the Catskills it’s rainy and cool and the forest is yellow and moulting. It’s that delicious time of year when we begin to enter the darkness, the dying off of the fruits of spring and summer. After a glorious service in LA on the 12th celebrating WATER we are now gearing up for our next NYC service and the theme is THE UNKNOWN, perfect for this moment.

Ever since starting The Secret City I’ve dreamed of growing our community and our reach – in all ways, I suppose. How to deepen out event, how to become more inclusive, how to curate artists who aren’t in my immediate sphere – all of these questions drive me. This month turns out to be a perfect opportunity to address some of those very issues, or to begin to, at least. I’ve decided to use the theme of THE UNKNOWN to hand over the curating to a bunch of different folks within our community. That means I don’t really know what’s going to take place this Sunday. That’s a first. I mean, we’ve often had things that I didn’t know the exact way it might play out but this is the first time that I don’t know the songs the choir will be singing or what the visual art will be or the food offering or the song following the meditation and so on and so on…

It’s exciting to grow and change – RISK, that’s something I think about a lot. I think risk is necessary to stay alive – certainly for the creative artist, risk is a necessary part of process. We must change, right?

Autumn teaches us that – dying leads to rebirth. Transformation.

I hope you can join us Sunday for THE UNKNOWN.

Happy Autumn.


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Chris Wells

CHRIS WELLS is an Obie award-winning writer, actor, singer, cabaret performer, lyricist, teacher and arts activist who has made original theatre, music and performance for many years.