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Featured Artist | Donna “Mom” Reed

Donna Reed

This Sunday, our gathering in LA will celebrate the theme of TWISTS and TURNS–and we have a wonderful artist taking part whose life and career exhibit the surprising turn a life can take. Mom Reed was a stay at home mom of four when she got the theater bug and started making costumes. Over the next 20 years, she costumed musical, straight plays and more, making hundreds of costumes for hundreds of performers. This Sunday, we’ll share some of her work and she’ll tell a bit of her story of becoming an artist. I’m thrilled to have her with us! Join us this Sunday, March 12th at Bootleg Theater at 12 noon.

Here’s Mom’s bio:

Donna Reed has been a costumer for 40 years. It was a series of twists and turns at age 40, that began a second career and passion for this stay-at-home mother of four in 1976. Donna lived in Lancaster from 1956 until 2005, where she volunteered and worked at Antelope Valley College Theater 300 for about 20 years. After her husband Dale passed away in 2005, Donna moved to San Diego with daughter Charmaine and continued her costume crafting for different production companies in Poway. About 5 years ago, she moved to Novato, California near daughters Cristy & Cheriann, where she continues to assemble and oversee costumes for the family’s video productions that can be seen on YouTube at rcpollak. Donna has seven grandchildren and one great-grandchild, but Donna considers all her actors her KIDS and is so pleased to be here today for a reunion of some of the Theater 300 ‘family members’. Thank you Chris Wells & The Secret City for this opportunity.


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Chris Wells

CHRIS WELLS is an Obie award-winning writer, actor, singer, cabaret performer, lyricist, teacher and arts activist who has made original theatre, music and performance for many years.

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