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Susan Hwang

This Sunday, march 26th at 11:30am, we will gather at Dixon Place for SKIN. And one of my favorite people is going to be a part of the fun. Susan Hwang is a great performer and NYC figure–she makes performances, plays accordion, is the creator and host of The Bushwick Book Club and all around good spirit of edgy joy and creativity. I’m delighted to have her with us this Sunday.

Here’s Susan’s bio:

Susan Hwang tells stories and makes things that are usually collapsible, like songs and times. Her instruments take up space (accordion, Janggu—traditional Korean drum, piano, drums) but other physical objects she can’t play intimidate her, so she likes when her creations, like her TV variety talk show—The La La La Show— is broadcast into thin air (Manhattan Neighborhood Network) or elsewhere online ( She founded, curates and hosts The Bushwick Book Club – a monthly performance series presenting new work by local musicians, artists and chefs inspired by literature ( Her duo with songwriter/producer Charlie Nieland is called Lusterlit, and they refuse to play anything but songs about books. They have several recordings and music videos at She’s toured internationally with East Village theater company, Yara Arts, and she just got done playing the goddess Ishtar in Phoebe Kreutz’s epic joke-folk musical, “Go! Go! Gilgamesh!” which won awards in this year’s FRIGID NY Festival. Susan plays accordions because they are pretty and lighter than pianos (barely).

LINKS: (Susan’s blues band!)
Instagram: @soozee3
Twitter: @soozeehwang


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