the next service is in Los Angeles on June 11

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Our last service of the season is Sunday, August 1st. Our theme will be Water and Light, in honor of summer, in honor of the sea, in honor of all that is essential about these creative, radical lives we lead. Join us as we celebrate THE WATER AND THE LIGHT, and as we mark the end of our third and most glorious year in the life of The Secret City. It’s going to be a special day.

The Secret City — Water and Light
Sunday, August 1st, 11:30a.m.
@Theatrelab 137 W. 14th Street.
$10 suggested donation




Our next service is coming up, and it promises to be a fabulous affair. Our theme will be ECSTASY*, in honor of gay pride, Independence Day, and the ecstatic onset of summer. We’re lining up a great roster of guest artists, performers and friends who will share their work and passions with us. It’s going to be a glorious day.

The Secret City — ECSTASY
Sunday, June 27th, 11:30 a.m.
@ Theatrelab 137 W. 14th St.
Suggested Donation: $10
And remember, FREE CHILDCARE!!

*A state of emotion so intense that one is carried beyond rational thought and self-control.



Hot on the heels of our amazing OBIE AWARD!! (see my post below…) this Sunday’s service promises to be a lively and fabulous event. We have an incredible group of guest artists coming to do their special thangs…

  • Taylor Mac (my Obie brother/sister) will sing and play the ukulele for us
  • The eternally lovely Charlotte Booker will read to us from one of her best loved Celebrity Autobiographies
  • Michael Dunn (who’s part of the hot hot hot cast of Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson) will provide the food offering
  • Charles Lahti will share some of his silkscreens from his new minted company, Charles Lahti Prints 
  • The incredible Jonny Rodgers will perform music with water glasses and guitars
  • The charming Kelly Coffield will read the Cultural Calendar for us.

And, we’ll be blessed to have Leah Coloff, Sarah Alden and Jeremy Bass playing music for us, as well as usual juicy features. It’s going to be a big, fat gorgeous day. Come see.

Secret City
Sunday, May 23rd, 11:30 a.m.
TheatreLab 137 W. 14th St


What’s it WORTH to you??

What are you worth? What’s worth your time? What is the relative worth of anything?

Join us as we celebrate the idea of WORTH. We have an amazing roster of guest artists who are going to present their work for us. Check it out:

Rosanne Cash will sing
Leah Coloff will play her cello
Martyn Thompson will share his photographs
Herb Westphalen has concocted a self-worth mocktail for the tasting
Ana Parea will share recent scientific findings on worth
Justin Sayre will read the Cultural Calendar
And I will share a story about my recent stint with the US Census bureau.

It promises to be a lovely gathering, full of good people, fresh ideas, deep community and JOY!

The Secret City
Sunday, April 25th, 11:30 a.m.
@ Theatrelab 137 W. 14th St.



Glorious spring! Time to the shed old skins and reveal the fresh, new, tender bodies underneath. Join us as we celebrate the mysterious and beautiful vessels in which we spend our lives.

Our line up is amazing!

  • Jimmy O’Donnell will lead the band on guitar
  • Sarah Alden will join us on fiddle
  • Art-masseuse Lucy Smith will share tips on awakening the inner body
  • Chef Amanda Freitag is making artichoke hearts for the food offering
  • Charlotte Booker is going to read for us
  • Rachel Coloff, Donna Cribari and Chris Wells will sing THE PHYSICIAN
  • Percussionist Mathias Kunsli will enthrall with his cymbals
  • Painter John Devaney will share his beautiful figurative work with us
  • And storyteller Greg Walloch will give the guest sermon, entitled ABOUT TO EAT CAKE

It’s going to be a beautiful service, guaranteed to awake, revive, stimulate and inspire all bodies present.

The Secret City
Sunday March 28th, 11:30 a.m.
137 W. 14th St.

And Remember, FREE CHILDCARE!!



Join us on Sunday, February 28th for our service on STYLE!

The last stretch of winter encourages us to think about what we are going to be when spring comes, how are we going to feel when the snow is gone, and what are we going to wear when this damn weather is over. But really STYLE is a metaphor for all the larger questions we face in life, questions that THE SECRET CITY joyfully asks over and over again, “HOW AM I GOING TO SPEND MY TIME?”

We’re putting together an amazing service, featuring handmade chocolates by Genevieve LuLoup, beautiful visuals by Isa Catto Shaw, performance by Butt Kapinski and Sarah ‘SNAPS” Alden, live music provided by The Secret City Singers, a tribute to Alexander McQueen, the Second Annual Secret City Fashion Show and a few special stylish surprises.

It’s going to be a beautiful thing, made more beautiful by your presence. Oh, and feel free to dress up.

See you there!!

The Secret City
Sunday, February 28th
@ Theatrelab
137 W. 14th St.

And remember, we provide FREE CHILDCARE!!



Our next service is this Sunday, and our theme is WORK, inspired by the new year.

Join us as we celebrate the ideas of productivity, industry, fabrication, manufacturing, and ART MAKING. We have an amazing roster of guest artists:

  • Jeremy Bass (guitar), Sarah Alden (fiddle) and Leah Coloff (cello) will play music for us
  • We’ll look at photographs of the WPA
  • Kelly Coffield will read from actual cover letters and resumes
  • Marissa Copeland is making Rosemary Walnuts for the food offering
  • Daniel Zaitchik will perform his song Beekeeping
  • Jen Taher will read the Cultural Calendar
    • Sculptor Julia Nitsberg will lead us in a piece of collaborative art making

We’ll also have our usual features: The Mingling Ritual, Meditation, and The Reciting of Our Gratitudes. And I’ll be reading my latest sermon, THE WORK OF WONDERING, about being mistaken for a running back for Ohio State.

Please come join us.

And remember, we always have FREE CHILDCARE!!



DARKNESS tomorrow–

Hey there–Our next service is tomorrow! The theme is DARKNESS. It’s really starting to come down outside-that’s right, our first big storm of the year, and they’re predicting 12 to 22 inches of snow today and tonight. We’ll be gathering tomorrow at 11:30 in the morning, to celebrate the winter solstice, which is Monday, the 21st. We have some amazing folks coming to do their thing–

  • Daniel Zaitchik and Co will sing their song THE DARK
  • Evie Peck will share THE ART OF THE BLIND DATE
  • Katie Barrett will perform THE HISTORY OF FIRE
  • Steve Giovinco will have some new photos for us to see. Oh, and
  • Steve and Kelly Park are doing the food offering–MUSHROOMS!!
  • Jeremy Bass will play his LUTE for us–songs of the Renaissance 
  • What else? Oh, all sorts of usual, juicy stuff- MINGLING, SINGING, and MORE
  • Oh, and I’m going to share my latest ‘sermon’ about my STAGE FRIGHT!

Come out in the snow, celebrate the re-birth of the sun. It’ll be all toasty warm inside THE SECRET CITY.

The Secret City
137 W. 14th St
11:30 a.m.