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This weekend we celebrate TRASH in New York City


This weekend we celebrate TRASH in New York City. It’s the first time we’ve done this theme – it’s been really great to push ourselves this season with new themes – it forces us (me) to move outside of comfortable circles of thought when producing, curating, writing – and that uncomfortable place is a really great place to be as an artist. Some say it’s where all the really good stuff in life waits – that uncomfortable place. I know that when I push myself or, even better, allow myself to be in that uncomfortable place, new ways of looking at things will arise. There’s really no guessing what will come. It’s one of the great mysteries of life – what will happen next, if I allow it? And, even if I don’t…

It’s funny, too, this theme of TRASH – it’s the stuff we’ve decided is no good, or no longer has a use, or is not valuable – or things we’ve used up. Maybe we have ideas about ourselves that we’ve used up, or ways of looking at life – maybe we can recycle some of those. That’s something else I’m thinking about right now – how to recycle some of the things I’ve decided I don’t need, for whatever reason. Maybe focusing on trash is a way to meditate on all that is, rather than just what we want life to be.

It also strikes me that one of the things humans do best is create trash. Our planet is overflowing with it. What are we going to do with all the trash we’ve created and continue to create daily? We’re also really good at the verb trash – we trash things – forests, ecosystems, indigenous cultures…is it just in our nature, or is it a phase we’re in as a species? And, what is the upside to trash as verb? Cuz isn’t trash another word for destruction – and, isn’t destruction the shadow to creation? In addition to everything else, we’re also a very creative species – like ants, we build things, we envision new ways of living and then implement them. We’re ingenious, in many ways.

So, Sunday we’ll celebrate TRASH. I’m happy for the opportunity to think about it – and really excited to see all the beautiful art and performance and worship of this most-mundane topic – and how we elevate it to art.
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Martyn Thompson | visual artist

This Sunday, our visual artist will be Martyn Thompson, a world-renowned photographer who specializes in still life, interior, beauty, accessory, fashion and travel photography. Martyn’s also a visual artist who makes installation, sculpture and other original work with his hands and he’s been a great participant and supporter of The Secret City for several years. This Sunday, Martyn’s going to present images from his latest book, Working Space, which documents the work spaces of a number of different designers, artists and creative people. He’ll also be creating an installation for the day using found materials. Martyn’s work is a combination of aesthetic beauty with documentary pull – he catches the moment and draws the viewer in- past work includes Elle Decor, NYTimes Magazine, Vanity Fair and more. His previous book, Martyn Thompson Interiors, came out in 2011. His website is


This Sunday we celebrate TRASH!


This Sunday we celebrate TRASH! A great resource for all creative people. Why is it that artists always move into places of refuse and neglect? Because that’s where life is made, where ideas are born – like cultural petrie dishes.

We’ve got a lovely, trashy gathering of artists and community this Sunday – with photographer Martyn Thompson providing the visual art; multi-instrumentalist and composer Terry Dame, who’s going to bring in her Horn of Plenty Sounds – which she has made out of used parts from various horns and utility items; Honey La Bronx, the Vegan Drag Queen, is presenting the food offering – she’s making something that every New Yorker knows and loves…And, we’ll be watching a clip from John Waters’, Female Trouble – talk about a trashy work of art! Oh, and our pal Justin Sayre is going to do a reading from White Trash Cooking – what could be better?
Also, it’s time for our annual food drive – benefitting Food Bank for New York City – what better way to give back than to make a donation that will ensure somebody else has food to eat – especially right now, with recent cuts in foodstamps, and the economy what it is – and, just in time for Thanksgiving.
So, please join us for TRASH. This Sunday. And please bring a food offering.
The Secret City NY – TRASH

Sunday, November 24th
11:30 am
Dixon Place
161A Chrystie Street
Btwn Rivington and Delancey

$15 Suggested Donation



Terry Dame | multi-instrumentalist and composer


I’m excited to present Terry Dame, multi-instrumentalist and composer, to our community on Sunday. She’s bringing one of her created instruments – it’s called the Horn of Plenty Sounds – a sensor driven controller instrument built from old brass horns, sprayers and pumps.  Various types of sensors, such as motion, light and proximity, are imbedded in the objects and when triggered produce an unlimited variety of sounds.  An old copper insecticide sprayer sprays piano notes, a bike pump delivers electric guitar riffs, a laser toy casts an invisible beam that when plucked plays an upright bass, a rooster crows out from an old straight trumpet.  The Horn of Plenty is one part musical instrument, one part science experiment, one part pure delight. Check out her website at:


“The Vegan Drag Queen”


Our food offering this Sunday is presented by Honey LaBronx, “The Vegan Drag Queen.” Star of her own cooking show on YouTube and also a gay rights activist, Honey uses her exposure as a drag performer to spread the vegan message to new audiences. A member of Queer Rising, Honey was one of the 8 arrested for blocking New York City traffic for marriage equality, one of many events preceding NY’s legalization of same-sex marriage. Honey most recently launched the new “Big Fat Vegan Radio” podcast co-hosting with Laura Yaz. I’m delighted to have Honey join us – and she’s whipping up something tasty for TRASH.