the next service is in Los Angeles on June 11

Posts In The Unknown

Aimee Iris Brown | Food Offering

I’ve been wanting to get Aimee Iris Brown involved in some way in The Secret City for some time now. And, voila! This Sunday is the day it’s all going to happen. Aimee’s working with Melinda Tracy on the food offering – providing an aromatic component, I believe. Aimee works with flowers and essences. Here’s her bio:
Aimee Iris Brown is a Brooklyn based performance artist, hairstylist, & vibrational healer, incorporating Reiki & flower/gem essences. Her life/work explores personal & collective liberation through ritual and healing.


Adam Sipe | Featured Artist

Adam Sipe is a visual artist residing in Bushwick. He’s a painter, draftsman, designer and collaborator with other artists on lots of projects across a bunch of media. Adam is an elusive fellow – a perfect fit for our theme of THE UNKNOWN. The piece he’s making for us for Sunday is a complete mystery – please come check it out.


From our Grand Poobah | THE UNKNOWN


Autumn is upon us – here in the Catskills it’s rainy and cool and the forest is yellow and moulting. It’s that delicious time of year when we begin to enter the darkness, the dying off of the fruits of spring and summer. After a glorious service in LA on the 12th celebrating WATER we are now gearing up for our next NYC service and the theme is THE UNKNOWN, perfect for this moment.

Ever since starting The Secret City I’ve dreamed of growing our community and our reach – in all ways, I suppose. How to deepen out event, how to become more inclusive, how to curate artists who aren’t in my immediate sphere – all of these questions drive me. This month turns out to be a perfect opportunity to address some of those very issues, or to begin to, at least. I’ve decided to use the theme of THE UNKNOWN to hand over the curating to a bunch of different folks within our community. That means I don’t really know what’s going to take place this Sunday. That’s a first. I mean, we’ve often had things that I didn’t know the exact way it might play out but this is the first time that I don’t know the songs the choir will be singing or what the visual art will be or the food offering or the song following the meditation and so on and so on…

It’s exciting to grow and change – RISK, that’s something I think about a lot. I think risk is necessary to stay alive – certainly for the creative artist, risk is a necessary part of process. We must change, right?

Autumn teaches us that – dying leads to rebirth. Transformation.

I hope you can join us Sunday for THE UNKNOWN.

Happy Autumn.


Melinda Tracy | Food Offering


I met Melinda Tracy a few months back at a Secret City event. She’s friends with several folks who are part of our community. Turns out she’s a chef! I LOVE CHEFS! And, her food is all about mindfulness – so, a perfect fit for us. I reached out to Melinda about doing to the food offering for this weekend’s service on THE UNKNOWN – so, as with nearly everything else this Sunday, I have no idea what she’s making! But, can’t wait to taste it.

Here’s her bio:

Melinda Tracy is a visionary chef with a passion for connecting people over food. With a rustic aesthetic and focus on seasonal, local ingredients, she creates menus that not only delight the palate, but also feed the body and spirit through shared experience.  Her 20-year background in food informs her current pursuits as personal chef and cooking instructor, pop-up dinner creator, aspiring food writer, and Chef/Owner of Nuts & Bolts ( She lives in Gowanus, Brooklyn with her partner and two amazing orange cats.


Oded Gross | Featured Artist


Oded Gross is hysterical. And, a really talented guy – he writes plays and songs and he acts and sings. And, he’s married, and a dad and I’ve known him for, what? 15 years now? I love him. Anyway, I’m delighted that Oded will perform for us this Sunday for THE UNKNOWN – I think he’s going to do a song? Maybe? As with nearly all the other artists and performers on Sunday, I don’t really know what he’s doing. But, you’ll enjoy it.

Here’s his bio:

Oded Gross is a playwright from Brooklyn, New York.  His plays have been produced throughout the United States and abroad, most notably at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Idaho Shakespeare Festival, The Great Lakes Theater, The Theatre at Boston Court and The Moscow Art Theatre in Moscow, Russia. His adaptations include Moliere’s The Imaginary Invalid, Goldoni’s The Servant of Two Masters and Gogol’s The Government Inspector (aka The Inspector General), for which he also wrote the music. His original play Heart Attack With A Knife, a murder mystery farce, was produced at Northern Kentucky University’s prestigious Y.E.S. Festival. Tragedy, a full length Commedia that satirizes Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex, played at Charleston, South Carolina’s famed Piccolo Spoleto Festival before touring at universities around the country. His latest play, Dantino’s, an original Commedia Dell’Arte that tackles the controversial issue of gay marriage was developed at Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s Black Swan Lab.  His adaptations, as well as his original productions have garnered numerous Critics Picks and nominations including Best Adaptation by LA Weekly, Backstage West and LA Stage Times for The Government Inspector and LA Weekly’s Critics “Pick Of The Week” for Tragedy. He received his degree in drama from Brandeis University. He is a proud member of the Dramatist Guild and an even prouder husband and father of two beautiful children.


Charlotte Booker | Featured Artist


Charlotte Booker is the best. She’s a wonderful actress and we’re blessed to have her as part of The Secret City. She’s often done the reading section of the service – either reading something or making something for it. Charlotte’s a writer, too, and often makes these fabulous exquisite corpse pieces, with input from the crowd in response to a prompt related to the theme. I’ve asked her to curate the reading for this Sunday’s service on THE UNKNOWN…who knows what she’ll come up with?!? It will be delicious and charming and deep, I’m sure. Just like Ms. CB herself.


Jonathan Nosan | Featured Artist


Jonathan Nosan is a fantastic performer. We’ve been lucky to have him do his thing for us a couple of times now. The first time he appeared, our mutual friend Sxip Shirey brought him along as a special guest and they blew the roof off the joint. For The Unknown, I first reached out to two community members to curate this element of the service: it’s the performance moment. The two I had asked didn’t feel they had anything that fit the bill and then, I remembered that Jonathan was back in town [he’s on hiatus from LIMBO, a spiegeltent cabaret show he’s been working on for a year now in London and other cities] – SO, I reached out to  Jonathan and asked if he’d make something for us. I’m thrilled he said yes.

Here’s his bio below:

New York City’s Jonathan Nosan is a Physical Artist working primarily in the mediums of circus and ceramics. His physical art has toured the past year and a half internationally with the Spiegeltent show “LIMBO” while his visual art just completed a show at the Royal College of Art in London. The precision and peril he brings to his onstage performance carries through into his ceramics: strength, simplicity, and the exposure of internal beauties and pains are revealed in both art forms with the human body and the clay pushed beyond their perceived abilities.

Jonathan graduated UC Berekely in Japanese History and Geography and was awarded a Fulbright to research Design of Sacred Space in Kyoto, during which time he trained Butoh with Katsura Kan. Performance became his purpose and he moved to London for a year’s training Physical Theater with Philippe Gaulier and finished with three years of circus with Lu Yi in San Francisco. The past 15 New York years have featured his work in films, TV, Broadway and Opera. Jonathan’s specialty special event company consults and creates jaw dropping global galas.
He is currently on sabbatical out of LIMBO ( and taking ravenously big bites out of the apple.


Claudia Acosta |Cultural Calendar


Claudia Acosta is a New York based actress and we’re delighted to have her as part of our community. Originally from Texas, Claudia has a specialty of making new work for the stage, working with with a variety of collaborators, as well as appearing at The Women’s Project and Off-Broadway; she’s also a teaching artist with Lincoln Center’s public school program. Claudia will read the Cultural Calendar for us this Sunday.