the next service is in Los Angeles on June 11

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Kristine Haruna Lee | Featured Performer


I’m delighted to tell you a bit about one of our featured performers for this Sunday’s service on GENDER: the wonderful Kristine Haruna Lee is a playwright, director, and performer based in Brooklyn, NY. She is a founding member of the theater company harunalee. Her upcoming show Drunkfish Oceanrant will premiere early fall, as well as her Dixon Place artist residency and commission piece War Lesbian in winter. MFA Playwriting at Brooklyn College with Mac Wellman and Erin Courtney. BFA NYU Tisch. Kristine will be performing a monolog from her upcoming show, Drunkfish

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Martin Rolon | Featured Visual Artist

Our featured visual artist for this Sunday’s gathering is Martin Rolon, a native of New York City, Martin Rolon. Growing up on the grittier side of inner-city life, Martin’s only connection to art was found outside museum and gallery walls, often on the side of abandoned buildings on the Lower East Side. Martin found his medium in cloth and his mother’s sewing machine, turning to thrift stores for material and one of the first to re-fashion outfits from odd gems that he would throw together for a night of clubbing back in the 80’s.  After spending time in Miami and San Francisco, Martin returned to New York and his work evolved into creating portraits of queer icons from re-purposed leather. He also has a line of handbags and accessories, named Puntada Cruda (raw stitch), displaying impeccable attention to detail and craftsmanship.


Taylor Mac | Featured Singer

the secret city - gender - taylor mac
Our next service in New York is Sunday, March 30th and the theme is GENDER. I’m thrilled to announce our musical guest will be the one and only Taylor Mac – cabaret star, celebrated playwright and general fabulist, Taylor has performed for us a couple of times. He’s going to sing a song for us on the 30th, with his accompanist Matt Ray on piano. Come on down for art, community and joy.


From Our Grand Poobah

our latest trip to LA was fantastic. we were filled to capacity and had to turn people away! so sorry to the folks who couldn’t get in – we might be adding a closed circuit tv to the lobby at the bootleg. someone suggested we do two services out there but I’m afraid it might kill me. i’m pretty bushed after one…maybe a new space, something bigger? i’d hate to leave the bootleg, tho, it’s such a perfect spot for us. anyway, these are, as they say, luxury problems.
the crowd was great, the art was wonderful, the performers lively. the image i’m using here is from paul august bruins slot’s series, 6 sphinxes and a peacock, which he painted just for the event, inspired by the theme of PASSION. so great – it’s always been my hope that the artists would be creating to the theme of the month – wendy ortiz’s poem was made for the theme of passion, too. we’ve included it on here, too – you can find it on the slider, linked to her tumblr page.
now, we’re back in woodstock – still some remnants of snow on the ground. funny after spending a week in venice out by the beach – taking bike rides down the strand and wearing shorts to get coffee at groundworks over on rose avenue. it’s still sort of winter here – BUT, spring is on its way. i’m so excited for the green and the buds and the grass and the trees; to have the windows and doors open.
just in time for spring, we’re gearing up for our next service in NYC – the theme will be GENDER! a first for us – and, we’ve got some really great guests, including the wonderful taylor mac, who’ll be singing a song for us.
feeling blessed with art and community right now. and, there are birds singing outside – they must have just come back from someplace warm, too.