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Phil Abrams


“With relief, with humiliation, with terror, he understood that he also was an illusion, that someone else was dreaming him.”

~ The Circular Ruins by Jorge Luis Borges

When Erik and Chris approached me about performing at The Secret City and said that the theme was Dreams, I immediately remembered a story that my mother had introduced to me when I was just an adolescent. The Circular Ruins told the story of a wizard who created a man in his dreams, sent him off into the world, only to discover that he, himself, was just someone else’s dream. It has always been one of my favorite tales as it speaks to my own questioning of the nature of our existence. We are certainly ephemeral beings – here today, gone tomorrow – not unlike the delicate sculptures I create with bubble liquid, wands, and smoke. The melding of the two together was, without a doubt, a perfect offering for the congregation in Los Angeles. Sometimes the bubbles, depending on external conditions, can be uncooperative, but fortunately everything came together that morning and I experienced the feeling that even if life is an illusion it can also be quite fulfilling when the magic happens!


Phil Abrams


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