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Winter Miller | Featured Artist


Our line-up for this Sunday’s winter solstice event–Sunday, December 20th at 6pm at Judson Church– is a glorious thing. And, we’ve just recruited another dear pal to take part: playwright and roustabout Winter Miller. The theme is STARDUST–and it’s our first evening gathering at a new venue. Winter’s a wonderful writer and activist and for this evening she’s going to read a piece about the cosmos and stars. Who better to lead us in a greater understanding of who we are, on the eve of the dark, cold, season….

here’s her bio:

Winter Miller was raised by activist and feminist parents in various hamlets in New England from which she emerged relatively unscathed and unsurprisingly similar to the adorable wolves who raised her. She is a foundling member of the Obie-winning 13P and digs provocative theater. Her play In Darfur premiered in a sold-out run at The Public, followed by an SRO performance at their 1800-seat Delacorte, a first for a play by a woman. Then, in a puff of smoke, she vanished. Other plays include: Spare Rib (A History of Abortion), No One Is Forgotten, The Penetration Play, Look At Us, The Arrival, Conspicuous the musical Amandine and a collection of short and very short plays. Her work is published by Samuel French, Playscripts and can be found in anthologies in dusty archives. New Georges’ and Lark affiliated artist. To get more specific or you like bells and whistles, visit:


Cassie Meaux McDuffie | Food Offering


WOW WOW WOW!! We have such a treat in store for STARDUST, this Sunday’s Solstice event in NYC — Sunday, December 20th at 6pm at Judson Memorial Church — for the food offering, I had one thing in mind when we set the theme. A few years ago a dear old friend of mine sent Bobby and me a beautiful package of truffles in the mail. It was holiday time and, when we opened the box, we both gasped. They were glittery! What? GLITTER TRUFFLES!! Heavenly. And, the taste surpassed their beauty. I thought, you know what would be the perfect thing for STARDUST, those incredible truffles that Cassie sent us a few years ago. Here’s the thing: Cassie lives in New Mexico…what the hell, I emailed her. She was delighted to be asked and, guess what? She made them and shipped them to us. And, we’re going to serve her glitter truffles as the food offering. And I AM SO HAPPY AND EXCITED! People really are magic. And, Cassie Meaux McDuffie is a perfect example. SO much love.

Here’s the bio:

Cassandra Meaux (pronounced Mo) McDuffie
Cajun-born, brown-eyed girl observes and experiences cooking and food as a celebration of life in all of its funky and glorious forms……even, and especially, in the low rice/high sugar cane fields of southern louisiana.
She leaves home early (and often) to explore. She discovers cooking and food as an art form and yet it’s still a funky, glorious celebration! She mustn’t and can’t resist.
She cooks. She celebrates. She can’t help it.


Estyn Hulbert | Featured Visual Artist


For this Sunday’s winter solstice event, the theme is STARDUST. It’s our first evening event ever and a new venue for us, too–December 20th at 6pm at Judson Memorial Church. Our visual artist is Estyn Hulbert, a gifted jeweler who lives in Ellenville, NY. Estyn makes gorgeous, handcrafted pieces from metal, pearls and jewels. Estyn will make an installation of her work and is making at least one new piece inspired by the theme. I love Estyn’s work, it’s seductive, sensual and rare (she gave me a pair of earrings for my 50th birthday!) and I’m thrilled to share her incredible vision with everyone on the eve of the solstice.

Here’s her bio:

About Estyn Hulbert

I make unique, classic, contemporary jewelry for the self-authored woman. She knows what she loves and builds her jewelry collection the way she builds her wardrobe, one carefully chosen item at a time.

Whether wearing an elegantly layered necklace or an opulent statement piece, I want a woman to feel beautiful and confident as she moves though her life.

I create each piece by hand, imbuing it with my time and attention. Following the thread of an idea leads me from one design to the next, always learning from the making itself. The distinctive character of the materials and the touch of the tools make each piece one of a kind.

Growing up in a family full of artists and missionaries, it’s not surprising that I’m concerned with beauty and meaning.

My maternal grandfather was artist Garth Williams, who illustrated dozens of children’s books including Charlotte’s Web, Stuart Little and the Little House on the Prairie series.

I apprenticed with my aunt, the artist and jewelry designer Jessica Rose, who hired me as her assistant and encouraged me to start designing jewelry.

Although I was born in Scotland and grew up in France and Switzerland, I have chosen to make my home in New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley. Living and working in an 1840s farmhouse surrounded by mountains, a vegetable garden, and an old wooden barn, the pace of country life matches the pace of my work. Quiet. Focused. Special.


Danielle Delgado | Featured Performer


For our first evening service ever–this Sunday, December 20th at 6pm at Judson Memorial Church–the theme is STARDUST and we have someone sparkly and special to read for us: Danielle Delgado is a wonderful actress and beautiful member of our community. I’m always thrilled to have her with us.

Here’s a little bio about her: Danielle Delgado has worked for many years Off-B’way, off-off-B’way, way-off regionally, as well as in television, short film, and voice over. She trained at A.R.T and Yale, and is a member of Actors Equity and SAG-AFTRA.

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