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IDGY DEAN | The Indian Squirrel Dance

Idgy Dean is a fantastic performer – we were lucky to have her perform at The Secret City NYC last spring and, she did this very song! The Indian Squirrel Dance. Now there’s a new video to go along with it. Directed Bon Jane, who’s a wonderful photographer and film maker who lives up here in the Hudson Valley not too far from Woodstock. Very cool to see these two powerful, talented women making art and making art together.


Charlotte Booker | Featured Artist


Charlotte Booker is the best. She’s a wonderful actress and we’re blessed to have her as part of The Secret City. She’s often done the reading section of the service – either reading something or making something for it. Charlotte’s a writer, too, and often makes these fabulous exquisite corpse pieces, with input from the crowd in response to a prompt related to the theme. I’ve asked her to curate the reading for this Sunday’s service on THE UNKNOWN…who knows what she’ll come up with?!? It will be delicious and charming and deep, I’m sure. Just like Ms. CB herself.


Jeremy Bass | New video from the debut solo album, TENANT


Jeremy Bass is the Music Director of The Secret City – and he’s been with us from the very beginning – leading the Secret City band, helping to curate the musical guests and bringing his considerable chops to the proceedings. Jeremy’s a fascinating hybrid artist – not only is he a great singer/songwriter, he’s also classically trained as a guitarist, playing lute, mandolin, banjo. On top of all that, he’s also an accomplished poet. I’m thrilled to be a longtime collaborator of his – and thrilled to share this new video of his latest single: GONE, from his upcoming album, TENANT. Check it out and enjoy the beautiful, soulful world of Jeremy Bass.


Daniel Zaitchik | Singer/Songwriter

Daniel Zaitchik is a singer/songwriter of such grace and beauty and talent. We’ve been honored to have him perform at The Secret City in New York and LA – and he always slays the crowd with his work and presence and deep talent. His musical vision is lush and filled with light and love and a delicate spirit that seems to believe in the love of the world while not being afraid to revela his heartbreak at being alive. Check out his new cover of a Beatles Classic – then check him out on itunes and bandcame.


Jeremy Bass | Winter Bare (Bones of Your Face)

We had a rare treat at our benefit last monday, june 30th – our musical director and all around wonderful guy, Jeremy Bass performed a song from his upcoming album. Jeremy’s been with The Secret City since the beginning – and is also a published poet – there’s not much he can’t do. And, in this song, he proves he’s a beautiful singer/songwriter. Ladies and gents, Jeremy Bass – and, that’s Ryan Rumery on drums and LT Tannenbaum singing back ups. Sweet.


Beth Ruscio | Featured Poet


We recently had a wonderful gathering in LA – the theme was adventure and what a raucous, beautiful time it was. The poet we featured was our dear pal Beth Ruscio. Beth is the daughter of actors, the late Al Ruscio and Kate Williamson, part of a family of artists, writers and vaudevillians, she has tried her hand at it all and as a professional actress, has appeared on stage, screen, television and heard on radio. She is the co-playwright (with husband Leon Martell) of 1961 ELDORADO.   In this century, she’s writing poems.  She was a finalist for last year’s Ruth Stone Poetry Prize.  One of her poems won $500 second prize for Beyond Baroque’s Best Poem.  And her manuscript, RAUCOUS SPELL OF LIGHT has semi-final-ed for the Crab Orchard First Book of Poetry twice, and once for The Perugia Press Prize. She has read for The Secret City, The Third Area, The Aloud Series, Beyond Baroque, Moonday, The Rapp Saloon, Library Girl.   She’s most recently published in Cultural Weekly, Spillway, Malpais Review, In Posse, and online, check out the Poetry Goes To The Movies issue of speechlessthemagazine for her essay and tribute to her Dad, On Acting and The Art of Boxing.

See links below for these, and some other recent pieces Beth’s published.


Jeremy Bass | Passenger


In addition to being the music director for The Secret City, Jeremy Bass is also an accomplished poet, having received his Master’s at Warren Wilson College in North Carolina. Since then he’s been published in various journals around the country for his thoughtful reviews as well as his really beautiful poetry. On Sunday in NYC, for our service on MEMORY, he read one of his poems, the title poem to just completed manuscript. Here it is. [Oh, ps – Perkinjie Shift refers to the phenomenon whereby the sky during the daytime becomes overcast and darker and the light and environment appear to get brighter.]






Will rain fall we don’t know

only a few drops seem willing to answer.


High clouds the hulls of unseen ships

parked their dented blue enamel over our heads


each rib of cloud an arched gunnel

longer than the highway we drove on


the family car no larger beneath

than a splinter of steel. Will it rain we don’t know


why this dark lowering its metal around us

brightens suddenly the veins of leaves almost


lifting into air. Ten years old from the passenger seat

I watch fields darkening low trunks and leaves


rinsed in a chemical glow as my mother

explains Purkinje Shift the loss of light the eye


finding brightness in the lowering storm. Will it rain

we’re not sure are there even ships above those hulls


can we ever know their rigging how their sails fill

with the breath of the dead? As she


who has long been a passenger on that voyage

continues to coast down the same highway


across years she names what I cannot each tree

glowing in the encroaching dark each leaf


a memory lifting in silence to speak to me—

maple tulip hemlock cypress ash.




India Kotis | Featured Filmmaker

India Kotis | Featured Filmmaker

We’re going to screen a short film this Sunday for our service on THE FOOL. And, it’s a short film by India Kotis, who describes herself as having three thumbs, a love for stories and a fascination with Family History. She’s also a really talented young filmmaker and a member of our community. India’s film is called Immigration to the Promised Land, and it won a Gold Key in Film at the Scholastic Awards this year. India, as well as the two leads in her film, Max Piersol and Lily Berman, attend LaGuardia High School of Performing Arts. Teresita Cuadrado, who plays Grandmother, does not attend LaGuardia High School. India’s film is loosely inspired by events in her own family.


Lucy Kalantari | Featured Singer


Our musical guest this month for THE FOOL in NYC is Lucy Kalantari, a singer/songwriter living in Brooklyn. Lucy makes original music of a few different kinds – her latest sound is a really joyful mix of old-timey/20s flavoured tunes played on a Ukelele. Lucy’s voice is sweet and pure and I’m delighted to present her to the community. Her new album is called Pockets Full of Joy – what’s better than that?


Jennifer Sanchez

Jennifer Sanchez

My paintings are layers of geometric patterns, stripes and schmears of vivid colors. The built up layers eventually quiet down to create more minimal and subtle paintings. Recently, textile designs by Native American Indians and Bauhaus master Gunta Stolzl have served as spring boards for new paintings. The emphasis is on materials, process and pure visual pleasure. Each painting begins with general motifs and colors in mind but are never fully planned. It’s only through trail and error that the paintings slowly evolve into their own.



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