the next service is in Los Angeles on June 11

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The Secret City is Launching Their New Season!


Hey hey! It’s that time of year–Our annual crowdfund campaign is on NOW! It’s a really great way to be part of the new season and the community and joy that are the hallmarks of The Secret City. And know that you’re helping to provide our monthly services at a suggested donation, with free childcare, support of artists and increased stability for the organization.

Please check out our video and give what you can – and share the news about The Secret City with your friends.

Thanks to all who make The Secret City strong and vital.




2015/2016 Season

Here it is, folks, the big line-up for the year. Very excited about the themes and the venues and the few changes – note the Winter Solstice event at Judson Memorial Church on December 20th. It will be our first evening service and a much bigger venue.

Thanks to all who helped out with suggestions of themes.

  • Sunday, September 27th – NYC/Dixon Place – COLOR
  • Sunday, October 11th – LA/Bootleg Theater – FANTASY
  • Sunday, October 25th – NYC/Dixon Place – EVOLUTION
  • Sunday, November 22nd – NYC/Dixon Place – DIRT
  • Sunday, December 13th – LA/Bootleg Theater – SUGAR
  • Sunday, December 20th – NYC/Judson Memorial Church – STARDUST
  • (Winter Solstice event – starts at 5:30pm)
  • Sunday, February 21st – NYC/Dixon Place – THE FORBIDDEN
  • Sunday, March 6th – LA/Bootleg Theater – PROPHECY
  • Sunday, March 20th – NYC/Dixon Place – ENERGY
  • Sunday, April 24th – NYC/Dixon Place – RISK
  • Monday, May 23rd – NYC/Dixon Place – Secret Admirers
  • Our annual benefit to support the work of The Secret City
  • Sunday, June 12th – LA/Bootleg Theater – FREEDOM
  • Sunday, July 31st – Woodstock – PLAY

So, you can see, it’s going to be a LOT OF FUN. And, because it’s The Secret City, it will also be deep and meaningful and beautiful and rare. And it will be so much richer and better if you’re a part of it.

See you at The Secret City




What a magical summer it has been! Swimmin holes and lots of friends. The Woodstock event was a big success with a packed house and people coming in from far and wide to join in.

Since then, we’ve had just enough time to chill out before the big-ol freakout of fall. We’ll be launching our new season with our first service on Sunday, September 27th – the theme will be COLOR. Watch for a separate post of all the dates/themes.

It’s going to be a big new adventure for us this year – we have 2 new staff members, a bunch of fabulous new volunteers joining our wonderful crew of die-hards, a growing board of directors, and we’ll be expanding things with our Winter Solstice event on December 20th at Judson Memorial Church – our first evening service ever!

I’m so excited about it all – and to see so many of our friends and community gather. It never gets tired.

See you very soon.

Yours in Art and Community –



Noah Brenner


It’s with great sadness that I share the news of the passing of Noah Brenner, a wonderful member of The Secret City community here in New York for the past two years. Among other things, Noah Brenner was an animal rights activist in NYC. He was 85 years old and died of pneumonia. Kind, charming, generous and handsome with a great head of hair until the end, Noah was also a passionate activist and, along with his wife Natasha Brenner, sold their house in Long Island and moved to NYC where they could fight for the many causes they believe in. In the words of animal rights activist, Donny Moss, “Like Natasha, Noah was a role model to many of us.” Noah will be sorely missed – he had such a great smile and warm spirit – I’m so grateful I got to know him over these past couple of years.