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The Secret City in the Forest


Catskill Made is a great online magazine about arts and artists of the Catskills. I responded to their call for submissions for their summer issue and was asked to write a piece about what it’s like to make The Secret City in my new hometown of Woodstock. The magazine has a different theme for each issue and the theme for this summer’s edition is TRIBES. This is a sweet coincidence as last summer, for our inaugural Woodstock service, our theme was TRIBES. Cool, right?  Enjoy the article – and check out the whole issue, it’s a great magazine and the other pieces are really wonderful, esp from the POV of someone who makes a communal work of art. As we say at The Secret City: We’re Connected. Oh, and btw – our Woodstock event this summer will be Sunday, August 2nd at The Byrdcliffe Theater, the theme will be CAMP. JOIN US!


Here’s the link to the article:
Here’s the link to the magazine:




The poet Rae Guirand recently asked me to take part in the latest issue of OCHO – a journal of queer arts. Rae was the guest editor for the recent issue – I was honored to be asked. Her assignment was a bit unorthodox – Rae wanted me to interview myself about The Secret City. It ended up being a wonderful experience – I got to address the questions I am often asked about why/when/where, and answer them in a way that I felt filled in the picture of my path with The Secret City. And, I got to include some questions that people don’t ask but are important to me. They also included a BUNCH of great pics from recent events in LA and NYC. Visit this link, go to CURRENT ISSUE and scroll through the PDF – the interview is 2/3ds of the way through. Please check it out.



Byrdcliffe Theater

So, we had our first gathering in Woodstock, New York yesterday and it was wonderful! To be in the old Byrdcliffe Theater here in the Catskills on a beautiful summer day with friends from the area – and lots of great friends from the city who drove up for the day. The choir was wonderful – great band, the D’Amby Project, who danced for us. Holly Shelowitz provided fresh summer peaches – but, you know, I’m gonna let you read all about in this fabulous piece from Hudson Valley Good Stuff – they came yesterday and wrote a great piece about the service. Here’s to an auspicious beginning to our expansion into the Hudson Valley. Thanks to all who came and took part. We’re gonna take the month off now to recuperate and plan the next season. Excited for the rest and to see you all somewhere soon.


Featured in Cultural Weekly


Check out our recent feature on Cultural Weekly.

In “At The Secret City, ‘We Worship Art’, founder Chris Wells writes:

What is The Secret City?


Is it vaudeville for the soul? Communal ceremony? ArtChurch?


I founded The Secret City, and even I have a hard time describing it!


That’s because people have such expansively different experiences. Here’s what they say: If we could bottle the positive energy in that room today, it could change the world. A truly wonderful experience. Amazed by the continuing creativity. A revelation, a celebration, and an inspiration. Funny, touching, and wonderfully, unorthodoxically spiritual. The Secret City is like everything good in life in one package: song, dance, spectacle, storytelling, humor, irreverence, connecting people, and getting somewhere deeper.

– You can read the entire story at Cultural Weekly, but it ends:

“I really hope to see you at The Secret City; I’m excited to hear how you’ll describe it. “


Join us for upcoming services: The Secret City LA – Obsession on June 16 & The Secret City NYC on June 30.



NY Magazine Calls Us: A New Society!


We are featured in New York magazine this week, in an article about clubs in New York City. And, even though we’re not technically a club but rather, an ever-growing and open COMMUNITY, we’re thrilled to be included. The description of what we do is great, and they ran a great picture from a service a few months ago. My favorite part is that we head-up the section called NEW SOCIETIES – love that, and I’ve often thought that’s what we’re doing with The Secret City, building a new society.

So, without further ado, here it is.

Enjoy! And, come see join us in New York on Sunday, May 19th at Dixon Place, or in LA on June 16th at the Bootleg Theater.

The Secret City. We Worship Art.


Baltimore Fishbowl columnist: “I fell in love with The Secret City.”

Check out Sun, Moon, Dog, Pineapple: An Unbeliever’s Creed, written by University of Baltimore Asst. Professor and Baltimore Fishbowl‘s Bohemian Rhapsody columnist Marion Winik, who was inspired by her first experience at The Secret City service.

In the beginning was the word. The word was but. Do you believe in God? No, but. Do you believe in the immortal soul? No, but. Do you believe in magic? No, but I believe in hormones, endorphins, serotonin, in the fireworks and transformations wrought by chemistry. I believe in every kind of serious embrace — parent and child, lovers, friends — and I believe in the power of connection between people to change the rules.

Read the full article at the Baltimore Fishbowl.

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