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Welcome to our new website


Welcome to our new website – art-worshipper.


Our friend, the fantastic Jason Speenburgh, who shoots and records our services in NYC, made it for us. And it’s a really exciting step forward. This new site is a place for us to share what’s going on with The Secret City, but it’s also to see what’s going on in our ever-expanding community.


I’m going to be writing a regular column here myself. This is my first post. For those of you who don’t me, or are new to The Secret City, my name is Chris Wells and I founded The Secret City 6 years ago with my boyfriend, Bobby Lucy. I produce, host and curate the events in New York and LA, and Bobby’s the visual art curator.


We’re hoping that some of you fine people will be helping out with generating some of the content on this site, too. If you’ve seen something amazing recently – a play, gallery show, dance piece, maybe you’ve read an amazing book you want to tell people about. Or, maybe you’re a cinephile and you want to talk about why Moulin Rouge is the best movie ever made. Or, I don’t know, maybe it’s something totally new and surprising having to do with how art connects, inspires and engages us all.


We’re also going to highlight our incredible roster of artists – we’ve got an amazing community of creative people who take part in our events every month, and we’d like to share them with the world. So, check out the artist roster and all of the other great posts to come.


And, welcome to The Secret City. We worship art.