the next service is in Los Angeles on June 11

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Jonathan Caouette | Featured Filmmaker


I’m so excited about Sunday – our service on ANCESTORS is filled with really lovely artists. We’re going to feature a film-maker whose work I have have loved. Jonathan Caouette made a film called Tarnation a few years back – it got a lot of rave reviews and caused a big stir – not least because he made it for something like $250 dollars. And, the film was comprised of a lot of home movies, videos from his childhood, to make a beautiful, memoir like film of family, loss, mental illness and love. This Sunday, Jonathan’s going to screen a few things and we’ll have a brief q and a with him about his work and ANCESTORS. Here’s what he has to say: Jonathan is thrilled to have such a cool distraction as Secret City, while he is in the midst of conjuring up some new movie stuff. Jonathan is lightly solicitation himself as an actor once again (after a long sabbatical) and is gearing up for a new (first time) fictional narrative film project to direct.


India Kotis | Immigrating to the Promised Land

India Kotis is a junior at LaGuardia High School of the Performing Art in NYC. She’s a filmmaker and shared her recent short film at our service on THE FOOL, back in April. The film is here for your enjoyment: Immigrating to the Promised Land.