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Topher MacDonald | Sketchbook Gallery

Topher MacDonald was our featured artist this past Sunday for our celebration of THE FOOL – Topher’s an illustrator and designer living in Brooklyn. We first met Topher when he moved to NYC from Wisconsin about 3 years ago and he volunteered to help out with an event. He’s made his way in the big city and makes his living as an illustrator and designer. For THE FOOL, Topher printed out copies of his sketchbook – where he doodles, dreams, plans, schemes, makes fun and trips. I love the different worlds he goes – lots of outer space, but also drunk brunch with friends. Topher’s work draws on the legacy of comic books, superheroes, with a taste of R. Crumb. He said this really great thing about something he came across while looking into the idea of THE FOOL – he said – and I’m paraphrasing – the fool retains his child like connection to the inner workings of the world. How great is that?




Topher MacDonald | Featured Visual Artist


I’ve been a fan of Topher MacDonald’s work for a few years now. He’s an amazing illustrator, designer and draftsman, he regularly creates images for books, magazines, newspapers, products and comics. Topher also does a lot of experimenting and playing with super-heroes and quasi-mythical figures – in a way that is somehow humanizing. He seems to be interested in how the everyday person entertains mythical realms – how the heroic feels when it rubs up against the mundane. I think his work is a perfect fit for this Sunday’s service on THE FOOL – really excited to share his work with the community. Topher is also an avid sketchbook keeper and I think he’ll be sharing some of that work with us.