the next service is in Los Angeles on June 11

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The Secret City | The Fool | Theater Group Dzieci

theater group dzieci is a company that embodies the Sacred+Profane. Their work explores the ancient texts, sometimes religious, sometimes secular, to find the spirit within. They re-imagine the human journey as one of graceful exploration and intent. We were thrilled and lucky to have them take part in our service on THE FOOL this past Sunday – they came in their fool outfits, complete with prosthetic teeth, and ran around throughout the service, filling in as ushers, helpers, distractors, rebels and makers of chaos. And, within that, real beauty emerged, as it does with all of their work. This is a sacred song they sang at the very end of the service.


Theatre Group Dzieci | Featured Performers


For the theme of THE FOOL, I’m thrilled to announce that Theatre Group Dzieci will be playing with us. They’re a really fabulous troupe of actors/artists and clowns. Here’s a bit about them:

Theatre Group Dzieci, founded in 1997 by Matt Mitler, is an international experimental theatre ensemble dedicated to a search for the “sacred” through the medium of theatre. Utilizing techniques garnered from such theatre masters as Jerzy Grotowski, Eugenio Barba, and Peter Brook, ritual forms derived from Native American and Eastern spiritual disciplines, and an ethic based securely in Humanistic Psychology, Dzieci aims to create a theatre that is as equally engaged with personal transformation as it is with public presentation.