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Polly Law | Featured Artist


Our featured artist for this month’s service – SOLITUDE, Feb 22nd – is Polly Law, a wonderful artist whom Bobby and I met when we moved to Woodstock. Her specified medium is bricolage – even the word itself I find thrilling. We’ve never presented a bricoleur before, or would it be bricoleuse? Either way, I’m thrilled she’s taking part. Here’s a statement she’s put together about her work:

My work is paper dolls with deep personal issues. I use humble materials- illustration board, acrylic paint, buttons, wire to achieve elegant and sophisticated effects. I manipulate the forms and employ pattern, rich color and gesture to explore myths of deep time and current self.
The female figure is my usual vehicle for expression. The figures themselves are inwardly-focused though their gaze may be disconcertingly direct. Often they chafe at the constraints of mode but who does not also wish for the rustle of silk in their life? The figures stand proud of the backgrounds to achieve a flat/3D effect- turning the frame into a proscenium. Each piece a small theatre for private dramas. My work has been favorably compared to that of Joseph Cornell but in fact has been more influenced by the animation work of Jan Svankmajer, and the luscious patterns, textures and graphic forms of Eyvind Earle.

The “Rude Mechanicals” explore the intersection of bodily desire and emotionless technology. The period appears to be La Belle Epoque, but the sense of our deepest selves being taken over by the machine is very contemporary. The gears and mechanisms of desire grind slowly but very fine.

The “Esopus Mystics”series is inspired by and uses bits of the natural landscape in the Hudson Valley of New York. Unseen forces live and move in the corners, in the quiet glades, in the niches while we blunder and crash along in our fog of unknowing.

“What the Tide Brings” explores the kingdom between the water and the land and the gifts it provides those who visit. The bits of sea wrack, shells & bones were found on the beaches and tidal flats of Cape Cod during meditative walks.

My work is usually of an intimate scale but for the “Secret City,” I am working to a life-sized scale and without a frame. The mood of introversion and solitude remains the same.

I have been working in my bricolage style since 2000. My work is represented by galleries in Provincetown, MA, Rhinebeck, NY, and Hudson, NY; as well as numerous private collections.