the next service is in Los Angeles on June 11

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Pamela Albertson | Food Offering


The theme for our upcoming event in LA is FANTASY–Sunday, October 11th at Bootleg Theater–and we have a FANTASTIC person lined up to deliver it. Pamela Albertson and I met in grade school and became best friends in High School. We did theater together and worked together and got into all sorts of trouble together. Nowadays, she goes by Pamela Gregory and she lives with her husband and kids in Napa, where she is a maker of all sorts of wonderful things from mosaics to batik to breads to jams to clothes–you name it, she has either made it or will make it someday soon.

I reached out to Pamela about doing the food offering for LA, turns out she’s going to be in town and she’s bringing something special for us. Can’t wait.

Here’s her bio:

Pamela spent her childhood getting pats on the head for her artistic abilities. Her father once told her she made lime jello better than anyone else in the world. With this support behind her, she’s gone on to pursue a life devoted to making things.
A life-long and self taught crafter, cook, actress, knitter, seamstress, gardener…she took a break to earn a degree in Sociology and shop for a husband at UCSB. Pamela’s day job is directing youth theatre for kids 2nd- 5th grades.
She and her husband Sean have three children and live in Napa, CA.