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Martin Rolon | Featured Visual Artist

Our featured visual artist for this Sunday’s gathering is Martin Rolon, a native of New York City, Martin Rolon. Growing up on the grittier side of inner-city life, Martin’s only connection to art was found outside museum and gallery walls, often on the side of abandoned buildings on the Lower East Side. Martin found his medium in cloth and his mother’s sewing machine, turning to thrift stores for material and one of the first to re-fashion outfits from odd gems that he would throw together for a night of clubbing back in the 80’s.  After spending time in Miami and San Francisco, Martin returned to New York and his work evolved into creating portraits of queer icons from re-purposed leather. He also has a line of handbags and accessories, named Puntada Cruda (raw stitch), displaying impeccable attention to detail and craftsmanship.