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Kate McGloughlin | Featured Artist


What might CAMP mean to a visual artist? To a painter, specifically? For our upcoming event in Woodstock on Sunday, August 2nd, we are exploring the idea that CAMP could be a way to describe painting outdoors – en plein air, as the French say. To camp outside and make pictures of what you see…So I’m very excited to present the work of a wonderful painter and printmaker who’s a recent friend of Bobby’s and mine – Kate McGloughlin works outdoors for a good deal of her work, painting landscapes of The Hudson Valley, New England, Mexico, Italy and more. She’s also a teacher of landscape painting and printmaking at the venerable Woodstock School of Art where she also serves as the President. On top of all that, Kate is a force of nature and a charming raconteur – I’m delighted to present her work to The Secret City.