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Jonathan Nosan | Featured Artist


Jonathan Nosan is a fantastic performer. We’ve been lucky to have him do his thing for us a couple of times now. The first time he appeared, our mutual friend Sxip Shirey brought him along as a special guest and they blew the roof off the joint. For The Unknown, I first reached out to two community members to curate this element of the service: it’s the performance moment. The two I had asked didn’t feel they had anything that fit the bill and then, I remembered that Jonathan was back in town [he’s on hiatus from LIMBO, a spiegeltent cabaret show he’s been working on for a year now in London and other cities] – SO, I reached out to  Jonathan and asked if he’d make something for us. I’m thrilled he said yes.

Here’s his bio below:

New York City’s Jonathan Nosan is a Physical Artist working primarily in the mediums of circus and ceramics. His physical art has toured the past year and a half internationally with the Spiegeltent show “LIMBO” while his visual art just completed a show at the Royal College of Art in London. The precision and peril he brings to his onstage performance carries through into his ceramics: strength, simplicity, and the exposure of internal beauties and pains are revealed in both art forms with the human body and the clay pushed beyond their perceived abilities.

Jonathan graduated UC Berekely in Japanese History and Geography and was awarded a Fulbright to research Design of Sacred Space in Kyoto, during which time he trained Butoh with Katsura Kan. Performance became his purpose and he moved to London for a year’s training Physical Theater with Philippe Gaulier and finished with three years of circus with Lu Yi in San Francisco. The past 15 New York years have featured his work in films, TV, Broadway and Opera. Jonathan’s specialty special event company consults and creates jaw dropping global galas.
He is currently on sabbatical out of LIMBO ( and taking ravenously big bites out of the apple.