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John Brodeur | Featured Musician


As most people know, we are blessed with a group of great musicians — The Secret City band on both coasts is hot and wonderful collection of players with a great range of talent. For this Sunday’s gathering in NYC, I’m delighted to present our pal and regular bassist, John Brodeur. John will play something from his latest album and I’m confident he’ll charm and amaze us all. Sunday, November 22nd, 11:30 at Dixon Place, the theme is DIRT.

Here’s his bio:

John Brodeur is an accomplished musician whose latest solo LP, “Little Hopes,” was released in 2013 by Sojourn Records. He has played the role of “drummer” with acts like The Morning After Girls and White Hills; as a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer, he’s worked with dozens more. In his other lives, John has been an award-winning music critic, a “professional Johnny Depp impersonator,” and a stand-in for a porn star (but not on a porn film). John lives in New York. His spirit animal is Neil Young.