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John-Andrew Morrison | Featured Performer


So excited to have John-Andrew Morrison sing for us! For this Sunday’s Winter Solstice event–STARDUST at Judson Memorial Church at 6pm–we’re putting together a fantastic version of, STARDUST, the Hoagy Carmichael standard, one of my favorite songs of all time. And, John-Andrew will be singing it along with Michael Winther, accompanied by Charley Layton on accordion. John-Andrew’s a beautiful singer and I’m thrilled he’s going to be a part of this special night. Our first evening event ever!

Here’s his bio:

John-Andrew is a gadabout flibbertigibbet with rapscallion tendencies who worships Aoide. He can generally be found on stages and rehearsal rooms all across the city singing for his supper. Recently completed the world premier of the Bob Marley bio musical “Marley”, at Baltimore Center Stage. Marley is slated for a commercial run on the West End in 2016. Has performed for many years as part of The Experimentals at La Mama. Works with many composers, directors, playwrights and actors on original and new works for the theater and