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IDGY DEAN | The Indian Squirrel Dance

Idgy Dean is a fantastic performer – we were lucky to have her perform at The Secret City NYC last spring and, she did this very song! The Indian Squirrel Dance. Now there’s a new video to go along with it. Directed Bon Jane, who’s a wonderful photographer and film maker who lives up here in the Hudson Valley not too far from Woodstock. Very cool to see these two powerful, talented women making art and making art together.


Idgy Dean performs Indian Squirrel Dance


Idgy Dean is the alter ego of Lindsay Sanwald, a singer/songwriter/one-woman band based out of Brooklyn. She performed for us at our service on THE SHADOW on Sunday in New York City and totally rocked the house – the song, Indian Squirrel Dance, has a driving beat, loops and a sort of 90’s inflected vocal. I love her stuff and am thrilled she brought her stuff to the Secret City community. Check her out –