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Blythe Gruda | Featured Performer


Our musical guest this Sunday for ANIMALS is Blythe Gruda, a wonderful New York singer with an international flair. She’s known to downtowners for her regular appearances at The Losers Lounge at Joe’s Pub. She’s going to sing Leonard Cohen’s A BIRD ON A WIRE for us and I. cannot. wait.

Here’s Blythe’s bio:

Blythe Gruda and her expressive, versatile four-octave voice have already hit both The Royal Albert Hall and Carnegie Hall stages several times, most notably performing, recording and touring the American and UK Premieres of the Pop Opera, ‘Kristina’ (by Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus of ABBA). She starred as Mary Magdalene in Jesus Christ Superstar in several productions around the world and has performed in many plays and musicals throughout her career. She enjoys traipsing with her entourage of composers, visual artists, educators, mad scientists and friends across Tuscan hillsides, in various Cathedrals, in elegant and eclectic rooms, in the woods, in various types of parlors dressed in gowns and outrageous costumes, as comfortably accompanied by Symphony Orchestras as by thrash guitarists or a single bass clarinet. She rocks the mic regularly with her band Blythe Sword. She regularly performs with the New York Institution The Losers Lounge at Joe’s Pub, fronts the RUSH Tribute band The Rush Project and is also a Poet and Songwriter.

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