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Moti Buchboot & Ayona Weaver | Featured Dancers

This Sunday, in honor of the theme of PASSION, we present Argentine Tango with Moti Buchboot & Ayona Weaver. I always love presenting dance in our services – it really brings an extraordinary energy into the room. And, TANGO, I mean, right? Here’s a bit about this Sunday’s dancers:

Moti’s tango training began informally with his study of martial arts almost three decades ago His interest in movement brought him into contact with a variety of styles. This experimentation with physical art forms led him, eventually, to dance.  After getting a taste of many types he discovered Argentine tango.  Using tango as a vehicle for artistic expression, Moti has developed into a successful tango performer, promoter, and teacher locally and internationally.  His dancing style is dynamic, experimental, and innovative.  It abounds with creativity, continually involving new forms of expression.

As a migrant from the Washington DC tri state area, Ayona’s first experience with partner dancing wasn’t until 2011, when she was exposed to LA’s mixed Salsa on the streets of the Santa Monica promenade.  She then eagerly began exploring the other Latin dances including Bachata, Merengue, and Cha Cha before the mystery and intrigue of Argentine Tango piqued her curiosity. 

Wanting to expand her dance repertoire and dive deeper into the passion of Tango, she began training under Moti Buchboot, a master in his own right with over 20 years of Tango training.  Her modern jazz background, coupled with her long lines and natural grace, made her a natural; and under his tutelage quickly exceled.  Soon thereafter, Moti took her under his wing as his protégé and they became dance partners.