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Alan Ishii​ | Featured Performer


Here we come LA! Following our season kick off in NYC last weekend, we now turn out attention to Los Angeles and, Sunday, October 11th when we’ll be back there for FANTASY. Our musical guest is a dynamic, iconoclast–singer, pianist, composer of a distinctive mix of pop, classical and avant garde music. Alan Ishi creates in a fantastic world of his own making and we’re thrilled he’s going to share his work with us.

Alan Ishii​ is a singer, pianist, composer, and producer from Los Angeles. Having recently graduated ​summa cum laude​ from California State University Los Angeles with a degree in audio engineering, Alan has bursted out the gate, striking in all directions, making a solo piano debut at The Catalina Jazz Club in Hollywood, having a Classical chamber work taken in a twelve city tour of China’s concert halls by the famed Zodiac Trio as part of their ​Zodiac: Across the Universe​, and proudly venturing toward whichever vast artistic horizons call.

Lately, Alan has been touring ​Wild Sounds!​, a solo electronic-cabaret performance piece for voice, loop pedal, and synthesizer that sets the voice on fire and lets it burn. Avant-garde vocal pyrotechnics, ​bel canto ​wails, from sub-bass belts to stratospheric, theremin-like coloratura soprano whistles, punctuated by sultry crooning are all utilized to aggressively execute an opus that touches on Jazz, Country, Rockabilly, pulsating Dance, Punk, Salsa, to Enka, the Blues, Bossa Nova, and beyond.