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Jacinta Bunnell | FEATURED ARTIST

Jacinta Bunnell

For this Sunday’s gathering in Woodstock–12noon, July 31st at the Bearsvile Theater–the theme is PLAY. No surprise then, that our visual artist is someone I consider very PLAYFUL. Her name is Jacinta Bunnell and she’s a firecracker of an artist, activist, teacher and coloring book maker. Jacinta has a twinkle in her eye and, as I’ve told her before, a mad streak running through her persona and work. I’m thrilled that she’s agreed to share her work with us–she’ll be showing large drawings taken from a numbers game that her parents have played together for years. Perfect. Join us in Woodstock, come play with us.

​Jacinta Bunnell is an artist, teacher, painter, art director and coloring book maker. She is the author of four coloring books including: The Big Gay Alphabet Coloring Book and Sometimes the Spoon Runs Away With Another Spoon. She is a co-founder of Hudson Valley B.R.A.W.L. (Broads’ Regional Arm Wrestling League). Her art is constructed primarily from recycled materials. She has a stash of patterned and quirky paper which she has been collecting since childhood. Among the multifarious pieces are torn wrappings from Groundhog Day celebrations, colored engravings from encyclopedias for babies, pictures of toads and concerned citizen fliers.

Jacinta lives in a 200-year old mini-farmhouse in Stone Ridge with Michael Truckpile, some coyotes, wild rabbits, wood piles and rhododendron bushes.


Laura Breen, visual artist

LAURA BREEN is a visual artist living in Ft. Greene, Brooklyn. She works in a lot of different media – painting, drawing, printmaking. For our service on FEAR in October 2010, she installed a series of computer generated prints depicting a small red ghoul carrying out nefarious tasks by the light of the moon. Part whimsical, part terrifying and a little bit sad, the work has recently been compiled into a book called, Kindertrauma.


Leah Coloff, cellist

LEAH COLOFF is a cellist/singer/songwriter. She plays in The Secret City band, so you’ll see her most every service. She also has shared her own work which is deep and dark and original. A trained classical musician, Leah has forged her own path as an indie rocker with serious chops, making contemporary music with great power. She’s appeared all over New York City – from Carnegie Hall to the lounge at Dixon Place, and with such artists as David Bowie, Patti Smith and Regina Spektor.


Jonny Rodgers, musician

JONNY RODGERS plays wine glasses (as featured on our home page!). He also plays the guitar, sings, loops, records but it’s the wine glasses that add the element of magic to his work. A composer of ethereal tunes, he first came to The Secret City on the recommendation of Steve Giovinco and Dru Arstark, who had heard him perform at the Ethical Culture Society. He agreed to come perform for us, and transported his equipment down from New Haven. We were transported. He’s played for us a bunch of times now – and, that’s his track that plays on the opening page of our website.


Sxip Shirey, musician

SXIP SHIREY is a magician of sound. A composer, musician, bandleader and roustabout, Sxip’s specialty is using unlikely, often everyday objects to make extraordinary music. He’s performed at The Secret City several times, and brought in Pyrex bowls, marbles, hand bells, a child’s piano, bicycle bells, whistles – you name it. And he always makes something beautiful and rare.