the next service is in NYC on March 26


More from this past Sunday’s service on MEMORY. The service was full of memory-spurring experiences…the interactive portion of the service was SCENTS/MEMORY, where we shared various scents, to see what memories they might evoke. The scents were Hawaiian Tropic Suntan Oil, Lavender, Curry, Tiger Balm, Cody Air Spun cosmetic powder, Clove and fingernail polish.

“…the sense of smell, almost more than any other, has
the power to recall memories…” Rachel Carson

above image: Sally, Danyon and Justin, smelling scented cotton balls. 



Good morning world! It’s monday, May 5th–Cinco de Mayo!It’s a week since our last service. The theme was MONEY!

The inspirations for this month’s theme were the current global economic situation, and the upcoming fundraising efforts for The Secret City. MONEY proved to be a rich and valuable theme for us–artists and money have a very complicated relationship.
Somerset Maugham, that very successful writer, said, “Money is like a sixth sense, and you can’t make use of the other five without it.”
The service was filled with surprises…
And lots of new, lovely visitors…
This is the moment to ask people to invest in something that reminds us of our calling, something that reminds us that relationships and experiences are the most valuable things. And our monthly rituals do that, they remind us of the importance of the life of the senses, the importance of having a place to come where we are reminded of purpose, and connectedness. And as a result, community is being built, people are showing up, conversations are starting.
It’s nice to see the services growing in JOY, too…We held a game show–kind of like Let’s Make a Deal, but the questions were all about currency…like, how many ridges are there on the side of a dime? (118). There was triumph…
And there was loss…
Mostly, tho, there were sweet people having good times…
So, today is a day of beginnings…I have meetings with development people, we’re finalizing the fiscal sponsorship with The Field, so that the funding letter can go out. And going to the County Clerks office to file a DBA for the Secret City bank account. All business stuff. Trying to make the set up of the organization and the funding of the organization a creative activity–to include people in the process as much as possible, and to ask for help along the way.
SO, MONEY! Here we go. Or, should I say, MONEY, here we come!
Oh, and don’t forget, we now offer childcare!!


The New Blog

Hey there. This is the first entry on this new blog. The Secret City is a monthly art sanctuary in New York City and we’ve been in operation for about a year and a half. We meet in a small space on 14th St, the last Sunday of every month. It’s an amazing thing, if I do say so myself. This is a quicky entry to get started and see how things work here. I have been using blogger, but this seems to be more useful, as I’m going to be starting podcasts, seeking donations, selling books, and building a national/international community. I have a pal who’s going to help out, too, with design and linking and all that stuff. For now, I’ve posted some pics from our latest service, which was last Sunday. The theme was style.

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