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About Jaime Tolbert Franklin

Jaime Tolbert Franklin

My Androgynous Female Yearning Soul


May 26th, 2014, Memorial Day.

On a quadrophonic stereo from Sears, I’d drop the needle on Side One of my favorite new album:  EURYTHMICS, “Sweet Dreams Are Made of This.”  I’d cleaned the needle, but there was always a little pop before…drum machine, bass.  Bass, and a drop in my diaphragm.  A voice, deep, then childish, grunting.  Uhnn.  Massive guitar riff, right down your spine.  Uhnn.  Uhnn.

“Love love love is a dangerous drug /You have to receive it and you still can’t get enough of the stuff.”  Didn’t I know it?  I lived in a state of That yearning.

Dave Stewart’s guitar tickled hot nerves, and Annie Lennox said it all, with a mock.  She knew me.  Uhnn.  “And I want you so, it’s an obsession.”   Poor College Roommate who shared the paper-thin wall with me, as I exerted my newfound Hungry Bisexual self.  “The power of imagination goes right to my head.  I’ve got an angel.”  I’d trap lovers for days, until their escape, then, I’d yearn for more.  Uhnn.  It could be pretty depressing, but EURYTHMICS let me dance to it!  Groove in it.  Play with the Pain of Desire Unquenchable.  “Jealous by nature, false and unkind.”  Yep.  Bum bum bum

“Wrap it up, I’ll take it.”  In Denton, Texas, there were segregated same-sex bars.  But in Austin, we all danced together, boys and girls, gay, straight, bi.  We did everything together, and we danced and danced.  EURYTHMICS’ next album, “Touch,” played as our soundtrack through the mid-80s.  When Annie took off the blond wig, she was MY Victor/Victoria.  She took off the old Female, revealing, a Being, not male or female, and fully sexual.

“Wrap it up, I’ll take it.”  But then, AIDS came around.  Dear Ones died.  Music changed.  The S&L Crisis took our tips, in the restaurants we all worked in.  People danced less and drank more.

I lost Eurythmics in L.A.  They were passé.  Bars, again, were segregated.  Boys bars.  Girls bars.  “Oh, how can you be so cold?”  It was a rough town for me in 1987. “I could give you a mirror to show you disappointments.”   I danced at Rage, but with more rage in me, too. “I could give you a history.”

I finally learned to stop eating people.  I had brave ones teach me Love.  I found my own.  But at 21, it was tough.  Music showed me solidarity.  I had the great Bowie.  I had Prince.  And I had Annie Lennox to sing right into my Androgynous Female yearning soul.   “This is the story.  It’s a little thing.



JAMIE TOLBERT FRANKLIN – wrote and starred in the Sundance hit short HAVE YOU SEEN PATSY WAYNE?  Part of a troop of actors who performed in Justin Tanner’s string of hit plays at the Cast Theater in Hollywood, Jamie originated roles in ZOMBIE ATTACK! and PARTYMIX. She stars in Todd Hughes’ THE NEW WOMEN with Mary Woronov, and in his stand-out short of Gertrude and Alice, HUBBY/WIFEY. For HOT CHICKS, a feature presentation bringing the comic art of Jack T. Chick to life, she is the director of LA PRINCESITA, and is lead actress, starring in BEWITCHED?, DOOM TOWN, WOUNDED CHILDREN, PARTY GIRL and CLEO.  She and Todd Hughes co-wrote and produced the webanovela GIRL COUSINS.  She starred in P. David Ebersole’s music video for Gretchen Phillips’ SWIMMING, with Phranc and Dominique Dibbell.