the next service is in Los Angeles on June 11

About Bobby Lucy

Bobby Lucy

I have been painting and drawing professionally for over 25 years, and loving animals for my whole life. I have a B.F.A. and an M.F.A. from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago where I lived for 15 years and made a reputation for myself painting still lifes, landscapes, portraits and colored pencil drawings. I grew up in St. Louis, and after leaving Chicago spent several years on the Oregon Coast. In 2006 I moved to NYC, and most recently have moved my home and studio to Woodstock NY in the Catskill Mountains.

ANIMALS | Gallery

ANIMALS in Los Angeles yesterday was fantastic! It was our biggest crowd ever here in LA, and a wonderful gathering with great performances and beautiful community vibes. Here’s a gallery of pics from the service – enjoy! And, come join us in NYC at the end of the month – we’ll be doing ANIMALS again on Sunday, March 29th at Dixon Place.
PHOTOS BY Kimberly Zsebe

Animals LA Gallery


Solitude | Gallery

The Secret City | Solitude

Our theme this month is SOLITUDE, in honor of this time. I read something recently that said, for people living in places where the climate changes a lot over the course of year, that winter is when you really learn what a place is made of. it reveals the bones underneath a place – I know I learn about myself in the winter – my less-showy parts, perhaps, come to light.

The Secret City | Solitude | Gallery


Ancestors | Gallery

Something about the fall makes us think of the past – maybe it’s the end of the year approaching? Or, the dying off of things, or the holidays…seems a good time to celebrate ANCESTORS.

Ancestors Gallery


POP! | Gallery

The Unknown Gallery


Maia Cruz Palileo | Gallery

Maia Cruz Palileo is a multi-disciplinary artist. Migration and the permeable concept of home are constant themes in her paintings, installations, drawings, and animations. Influenced by oral history of her family’s arrival in America from the Philippines and growing up in the Midwest, Maia infuses these narratives with memory and imagination. When stories and memories are subjected to time and constant retelling, the narratives become questionable, bordering the line between fact and fiction while remaining cloaked in the convincingly familiar.

Maia received a MFA in sculpture from Brooklyn College, City University of New York, and BA in Studio Art at Mount Holyoke College. She is a recipient of the Joan Mitchell Foundation MFA Award and Astraea Visual Arts Fund Award. She lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.


Topher MacDonald | Sketchbook Gallery

Topher MacDonald was our featured artist this past Sunday for our celebration of THE FOOL – Topher’s an illustrator and designer living in Brooklyn. We first met Topher when he moved to NYC from Wisconsin about 3 years ago and he volunteered to help out with an event. He’s made his way in the big city and makes his living as an illustrator and designer. For THE FOOL, Topher printed out copies of his sketchbook – where he doodles, dreams, plans, schemes, makes fun and trips. I love the different worlds he goes – lots of outer space, but also drunk brunch with friends. Topher’s work draws on the legacy of comic books, superheroes, with a taste of R. Crumb. He said this really great thing about something he came across while looking into the idea of THE FOOL – he said – and I’m paraphrasing – the fool retains his child like connection to the inner workings of the world. How great is that?




The Secret City | Passion Gallery


Our latest trip to LA was a marvelous thing – bright and beautiful and luscious. The theme was PASSION and the event delivered in a glorious way, with a packed house and Tango Dancing, a Love Potion and lush paintings of peacocks and sphinxes. I’m always so grateful to The Bootleg Theater and all the wonderful LA artists and supporters who make the events happen. We’ve got some great pics of the day – these are taken by Bobby Lucy. Look at all those beautiful, smiling faces!! We’ll be back in LA on June 22nd, the theme will be ADVENTURE.




Laura Breen returned to The Secret City with her child vampire/ghoul for the theme of MONSTERS last Sunday. Laura first presented her beautiful and creepy serial for the theme of FEAR two years ago.
She said that when I first asked to make another series using her menacing child character this season that she had thought that she had no more to give, but soon found herself re-inspired. Her new series is gorgeous, beautifully colored, compositionally complex and emotionally deep, sad and upsetting.
Thank you , Laura, for creating this fabulous, original work for The Secret City and helping to make MONSTERS such a rich and compelling theme.


Laura Breen | Featured Artist

Artist Laura Breen terrified us for the theme FEAR, and now she is back with her child vampire/ghoul for the theme of MONSTERS this Sunday October 27th. Come see how the creepy visual story has developed, what the red-hooded mister has been up to since we left off.

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