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Alex Avans

A long time ago…
In a neighborhood not too far away…
A young adult fresh out of high school Alex had the privilege of working at the HERE Theatre as a house sound and lighting tech. A few of her favorite credits include Eve Ensler’s  “Floating Rhoda and The Glue Man” & “The Vagina Monologues”, Basil Twist’s “Symphonie Fantastique”, Kim Cole’s “Homework”, Theatre Couture’s “Charlie”, “The Bad Weed” & “Double Wide Trailer”.
Today, Alex, AKA YummyBakes, is THRILLED to be making her big theatre comeback as an Honorary Secret City Singer and Appointed Maker of Delicious Yummies!!!
With her teenage kids Jaquelin (also a Secret City Singer), Kendra & Shoshannah (Secret City Babysitters), Anthony (Doorman) and husband Luis (personal assistant to Maker of Delicious Yummies) they all perform a number of different, important, critical, VITAL duties within The Secret City.
Alex wishes to publicly thank Chris Wells and Bobby Lucy for not only welcoming her and her family with loving, open arms… but more so for allowing them to take part in this wonderful, fun and exciting adventure that is The Secret City!


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