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David Winograd large

For our service this Sunday in Woodstock, the theme is PLAY–and we have a wonderful group of musicians taking part, including David Winograd, who is, among other things, the man behind Saints of Swing, a great local swing band. He and the band’s singer, Rene Bailey, will be performing for us. David’s a bassist and tuba player who’s gigged all over the country with Nancy Wilson, Wynton Marsalis and more. I’m delighted David’s going to be part of this Sunday’s event. Join us for PLAY, 12 noon at Bearsville Theater in Woodstock.

David Winograd is the Principal Tubist with the Hudson Valley Philharmonic Orchestra since 1973. His studies at New York University (B.S.) and the Manhattan School of Music (M.M.) included tuba lessons with Don Butterfield and Herb Wekselblatt. He has played with such notables and varied groups as the American Symphony Orchestra, the Barnum & Bailey Circus, Les and Larry Elgart Big Band, Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra, Milton Berle, Robert Merrill, Wynton Marsalis, Van Cliburn, Nancy Wilson, Richie Havens, and Pincus Zuckerman. Additionally he is engaged in active program providing musical clinics for children with his Hudson Valley Brass Quintet and Hudson Valley Families Quintet, opening new vistas to young minds.



Rene Bailey large

This Sunday, July 31st is our 3rd annual gathering in Woodstock and our final service of the season. The theme is PLAY–and, our musical guest is a wonderful talent. I’m thrilled to present Rene Bailey, gospel singer, blues belter and all around star. Rene’s resume stretches back into gigs with many of the greats of the 20th century–Louis Armstrong, Dave Brubeck, BB King and more. For this Sunday, she’ll be singing a rousing number with her fellow band member, David Winograd, and showing us all how to PLAY with song. That’s this Sunday, July 31st at noon at Bearsville Theater.

Recording Artist, Rhythm & Blues, Jazz, and Gospel


Music Director, Samsonville United Methodist Church

Formerly Featured Vocalist at the Peg Leg Bates Country Club for 20 years

Rene Bailey uses her vocal clarity to sell the blues with true feeling. Combining gospel, jazz, and rhythm/blues, she has performed with such great as Louis Armstrong, B.B. King, Aretha Franklin, Dave Brubeck, Ruth Brown, Paul Anka, Sam Cooke, and many more…

Rene Bailey started singing gospel as a young girl in her Georgia church. Moving north to Connecticut, she hit the New York City scene where she sang blues and jazz. The transition from gospel to nightclub work came naturally, and Rene became the featured vocalist at the Peg Leg Bates Country Club for over 20 years.

In church it’s called “shouting” – the gospel dance. “They get up and shout and shout and shout.” In a nightclub when Rene Bailey sings and “it” hits, you holler, “Yes, indeed!”



Nicole Quinn

This Sunday is our annual gathering in Woodstock and our final service of the season. The theme is PLAY–and when I was thinking of who to get to do the reading, I thought of a great story slam event I attended in the spring, I was asked to be one of the judges. The person who “won” the slam was fresh in my memory so I reached out and asked if she’d take part. I’m delighted she said YES. Nicole Quinn is a performer, director, writer and a great storyteller to boot. She’s written a short piece on the theme of PLAY and will read it for us this Sunday. Join us! Sunday, July 31st at 12 noon at Bearsville Theater.

Nicole Quinn’s BlueBarnProductions produces media content. Her feature film, Racing Daylight, (writer/dir), stars Academy Award winner, Melissa Leo, and Emmy winner, David Strathairn. She’s a WGA writer for hire. She’s written for Showtime, HBO, for Jodie Foster’s Egg Pictures and John Singleton’s New Deal Productions. Quinn has produced/narrated a baker’s dozen audiobooks on Audible and Itunes. It’s a Nightmare, Disbelief, and Rewire, a trilogy of dystopian feminist fantasy novels The Gold Stone Girl, are available in all formats, and a limited series is in development. Like You, a gender bending pastoral romp adapted from Shakespeare’s As You Like It, will shoot locally summer 2017 with Nicole once again in the director’s chair.


The Hudson Valley Horrors | FEATURED PERFORMERS

Hudson Valley Horrors

Being from California, when I think of PLAY, I think of rollerskating. So, for this Sunday’s gathering–THEME: PLAY–I am thrilled to announce that we have some lovely rollerskaters coming to kick things off. The Hudson Valley Horrors are a Roller Derby League and they’ve agreed to come by and spread some love on, among, around, under and throughout our community. Join us this Sunday, July 31st at noon at Bearsville Theater for a big dose of PLAY and to catch a glimpse of these gals.

The Hudson Valley Horrors Roller Derby League is currently celebrating its tenth year as the first non-urban roller derby league in the country. Our league is comprised of skaters from a variety of backgrounds, including corporate business women, entrepreneurs, nurses, teachers, students, and moms. Roller derby offers each skater a unique experience, including the opportunity to form bonds with other women that go beyond the everyday. While striving to be recognized first and foremost as athletes, we are proud to add to the cultural diversity of the region. HVHRD is a DIY, female owned and operated organization.

We are do gooders. Bruise makers. No fakers. Real skaters.


Lagusta Yearwood | FOOD OFFERING

Lagusta Yearwood

Ok, this is gonna be good, tasty fun. For this Sunday’s gathering in Woodstock, the theme is PLAY. Our pal, Jacinta Bunnell, who’s the visual artist for this gathering, suggested we reach out to Lagusta for our food offering. And, damn, am I glad we did. Lagusta is a gourmet chocolatier who runs Lagusta Luscious in New Paltz. She designs and makes chocolates by hand, like the bonbon she invented for this Sunday’s gathering!! Inspired by the theme of play, she has come up with something wonderful and rare and I CANNOT WAIT to taste it. Join us this Sunday for Lagusta’s special creation. Sunday, July 31st at noon at Bearsville Theater.

“Lagusta Yearwood” is not a nom de chef referring to the joys of eating with gusto, French spiny lobsters (les langoustes), or the Spanish verb for “to like” – it’s the kind of name you get when your parents are hippies who met in the mud at the Woodstock Music Festival in 1969. It’s pronounced with a GUS in the middle, most emphatically not a GOO.

Lagusta Yearwood is a restless rabble-rousing chef-turned-chocolatier who’s in love with deep flavor, ethical sourcing, farmers, lactic acid fermentation, noodles, and, of course, chocolate. An ethical vegan since age fifteen, her life’s work is to show the mainstream culinary world that vegan confections can be just as decadent, high-quality, and innovative as those made with animal products.

Ms. Yearwood trained at the Natural Gourmet Institute in New York City and worked for many years with mentors at Bloodroot, a gourmet 39-year-old feminist-vegetarian restaurant and bookstore in Connecticut, and has done endless private cooking jobs around New York City and New Jersey. From 2001-2010 she ran a vegetarian meal delivery service bringing handcrafted meals featuring local produce to New Yorkers from Battery Park to Woodstock.
Her handmade gourmet vegan chocolate and caramel confections have been sold online at and at NYC pop-up locations since 2003. After years of cooking in rented kitchens, she renovated a former laundromat in downtown New Paltz, NY (75 miles north of NYC) to become a tiny little chocolate shop, which opened in June 2011. In the past five years the chocolate shop and mail order business has quadrupled in size, allowing her to employ and train a diverse crew of chocolatiers similarly committed to confection perfection.

The Lagusta’s Luscious brick-and-mortar shop features dozens of varieties of sweets, pastries, high-quality Drinking Chocolates, and homemade small-batch ice creams which are heavily influenced by the organic produce available from farms within five miles of the shop. From Strawberry-Almond Creams in June to the Autumn Bonbons (with local chestnuts, rum, maple cream, and pumpkin) in September, Lagusta’s Luscious aims to evoke a poetic appreciation for a certain place at a certain time, captured in one or two bites. Many regular customers don’t know (or don’t care) that the chocolates are vegan, though the shop is often inundated with out-of-town vegan visitors making pilgrimages to the ethical temple of sweetness tucked away in a sleepy upstate village.
In 2016 Lagusta and her partner opened a third-wave coffee shop with seasonal food specials around the corner from the chocolate shop, Lagusta’s Luscious Commissary!, as well as a New York City outlet for their chocolates, Confectionery!, at 440 East 9th Street in Manhattan.

Lagusta has contributed to several books, including Defiant Daughters: 21 Women on Art, Activism, Animals, and the Sexual Politics of Meat, the Best of Bloodroot cookbook series, Isa Chandra Moskowitz’ and Terry Hope Romero’s Vegan Pie In The Sky cookbook as well as several articles for the Guardian newspaper blog, Comment is Free. Her chocolates have been featured in O, the Oprah Magazine, Everyday with Rachael Ray, The Valley Table, Edible Manhattan, Edible Hudson Valley, and The Hairpin, among other publications and websites. She has been named a “Rising Star Chef” by Karen Page, author of the seminal text The Flavor Bible.

Visit the Lagusta’s Luscious shop website at



Martha Frankel

This Sunday’s gathering in Woodstock is all about PLAY. Who better to have take part in the proceedings than someone who wrote a book about her and her family’s lifelong love of gambling? Martha Frankel is a local dynamo with national reach–as host of Woodstock Writer’s Radio, she engages with literary types from all over the country. As creator of Woodstock Bookfest, she holds an annual celebration of writers, readers and bibliophiles. Author, host, raconteur, I’m thrilled Martha’s taking part in this year’s gathering in the woods–join us this Sunday, July 31st at noon at Bearsville Theater.

Martha Frankel is the director of Woodstock Bookfest, host of Woodstock Writers Radio, and an Olympic backstroke gold medalist.

You can follow her on facebook (Martha Frankel), twitter (@marthafrankel), and instagram (martha.frankel).


Jacinta Bunnell | FEATURED ARTIST

Jacinta Bunnell

For this Sunday’s gathering in Woodstock–12noon, July 31st at the Bearsvile Theater–the theme is PLAY. No surprise then, that our visual artist is someone I consider very PLAYFUL. Her name is Jacinta Bunnell and she’s a firecracker of an artist, activist, teacher and coloring book maker. Jacinta has a twinkle in her eye and, as I’ve told her before, a mad streak running through her persona and work. I’m thrilled that she’s agreed to share her work with us–she’ll be showing large drawings taken from a numbers game that her parents have played together for years. Perfect. Join us in Woodstock, come play with us.

​Jacinta Bunnell is an artist, teacher, painter, art director and coloring book maker. She is the author of four coloring books including: The Big Gay Alphabet Coloring Book and Sometimes the Spoon Runs Away With Another Spoon. She is a co-founder of Hudson Valley B.R.A.W.L. (Broads’ Regional Arm Wrestling League). Her art is constructed primarily from recycled materials. She has a stash of patterned and quirky paper which she has been collecting since childhood. Among the multifarious pieces are torn wrappings from Groundhog Day celebrations, colored engravings from encyclopedias for babies, pictures of toads and concerned citizen fliers.

Jacinta lives in a 200-year old mini-farmhouse in Stone Ridge with Michael Truckpile, some coyotes, wild rabbits, wood piles and rhododendron bushes.