the next service is in Los Angeles on June 11

Monthly Archives: July, 2013

We celebrated CHILDHOOD


Thank you to everyone who supported The Secret City via our last Indiegogo campaign ever. We raised $27,090!

We are now on summer vacation, but here’s a recap of the last service of the season in NYC. We celebrated CHILDHOOD on June 30th.

The Cultural Calendar was read by Eric Powel Holm.


We looked at miniature dioramas in matchboxes by Bridget and Rita Carpenter.

We also looked at the drawings we each made on construction paper with crayons before service.

We enjoyed a taste of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

We heard a song from Oded Gross: Mama Never Let Me Be a Cowboy Among Other Things that Start with Cow.

We watched Shakedown Dance Collective dance to Ain’t No Thing.

Charlotte Booker read The Thing I Miss Most About Being a Child, a poem she crafted that day from our answers to the question “what do you miss most about being a child.”

Chris Wells read a story: Where I Grew Up. There were many references to shag carpets.

Sisters Leah Coloff, on cello,  and Rachel Coloff, on vocals,  offered a song called Outfits.

The Secret City Choir closed service with a touching cover of Ooh Child .



Final 2 Days of Our Fund Drive!


Hey friends! It’s Chris Wells, with The Secret City, and I’m inviting you to our last IndieGoGo campaign ever!

We’re coming down to the final hours – and we’re looking to create a groundswell in these last two days. THANK YOU to those who’ve already given and shared the link!! I really appreciate it.

The goal is to raise $45K by tomorrow night – we’re now at $20K.

If you haven’t yet, please take a moment to go to the link, make a contribution, and share the link here on facebook.
And, then we’ll take summer off and prepare for a whole, new glorious season of art, community and joy, in New York, LA and beyond.

Thanks for the love and support for The Secret City.