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Have You Supported Our Last IndieGoGo Campaign Ever?


There are 6 days remaining in our annual fund drive.

Have you gotten around to making that contribution you’ve been meaning to make yet? If so, we are so very grateful. If not, get thee to our online donation page!

Are you a fan of The Secret City? If so, make a video and share it with us and your friends.  When you do, please also ask them to consider contributing to our fund drive too.

Check out this video from Sherry and this video from Natasha and Noah for inspiration. You can see all the fan videos on The Secret City YouTube channel.

Hope you can join us in NYC at service on Sunday, June 30th 11:30am at Dixon Place. The theme is Childhood and it’s the last service of the season. RSVP (optional) and more info via Facebook. Bring your friends!


Featured in Cultural Weekly


Check out our recent feature on Cultural Weekly.

In “At The Secret City, ‘We Worship Art’, founder Chris Wells writes:

What is The Secret City?


Is it vaudeville for the soul? Communal ceremony? ArtChurch?


I founded The Secret City, and even I have a hard time describing it!


That’s because people have such expansively different experiences. Here’s what they say: If we could bottle the positive energy in that room today, it could change the world. A truly wonderful experience. Amazed by the continuing creativity. A revelation, a celebration, and an inspiration. Funny, touching, and wonderfully, unorthodoxically spiritual. The Secret City is like everything good in life in one package: song, dance, spectacle, storytelling, humor, irreverence, connecting people, and getting somewhere deeper.

– You can read the entire story at Cultural Weekly, but it ends:

“I really hope to see you at The Secret City; I’m excited to hear how you’ll describe it. “


Join us for upcoming services: The Secret City LA – Obsession on June 16 & The Secret City NYC on June 30.



Reflections on an afternoon at the altar of NYC’s The Secret City


Simply put: don’t deprive yourself of the pleasure that is a Sunday with The Secret City! Get thyself to service.

Upon advice from a regular attendee I decided not to worry over the questions of the “what?” and the “why?” of The Secret City.  Instead I showed up ready to imbibe whatever that Sunday in April had to offer with the theme The Earth.

I arrived a few minutes late and scurried to my seat. In my scurry I was greeted with a showering of rose petals over-head from an energetic toss of Chris Wells, the man in charge, who at the time was wearing pink-rimmed glasses, a pair of overalls and freshly painted pastel fingernails.

During the next two hours my mind was blown: I tasted a bitter French Sorrel leaf, freshly picked from a city rooftop garden; I listened as two musicians brought me to tears with one ballad and one fiddle; I heard an artist share about her vibrant colored origami shaped collages bursting from the walls and ceilings of the room around us; I heard the choir sing, “I feel the earth, move, under my feet!” and indeed in a packed basement in the lower east side of Manhattan on an otherwise quiet Sunday afternoon, I did.

The ambiance of The Secret City is awesome.  What The Secret City offers is unique, inducing spontaneous smiles and eye contact with strangers. Imagine! And all of this community is in the name of serving artists and the arts. There is an open invitation to attend and create the adventure for all.

The Secret City at Dixon Place does indeed feel like a portal to joy.

Won’t you join us?

Upcoming Services: The Secret City LA – Obsession on June 16 & The Secret City NYC on June 30.

By Jamie J. Hagen, writer & activist


Cali, Here We Come!

Upcoming Events

LA, Fund Drive, and a Fan Video!


The end of the season is ramping up!!

We’re heading back to LA next week, for our last LA service of the season, Sunday, June 16th. The theme will be OBSESSION.

And, we’re in the midst of our fund-drive, to raise $45K by July 2nd. This money is essentially our operating budget for the rest of the year, so it’s crucial that we meet our goal. Here’s the link where you can give. And, HUGE THANKS to all who contributed so far!!

And, our I’m A Fan campaign continues with videos from people like you. We want you to make a video for us! For inspiration, check out this week’s featured video: our pal and NYC admirer, Julie Zoppo, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  It’s cute and just a little bit naughty.

Julie Zoppo Is A Fan!!
Julie Zoppo Is A Fan!!

So, make a video of yourself, no more than 30 seconds long.
Maybe you’re doing something crazy or at rehearsal or traveling to far off lands, feel free to be as creative as you want, even show off, if you feel like it. Then, include some kind of fan in the video (if you have a Secret City Fan, that’s great, but don’t let it stop you if you don’t) and include the phrase,
“I’m a fan of The Secret City.”

Email your video to; we’ll post them to our youtube account, share them on social media, and the best ones we’ll use in the fund-drive announcements, like Julia’s above.

And, who knows, maybe some of our li’l fan videos will go viral and attract all sorts of new people to our fund-drive and the ever expanding community of The Secret City.

So, see some of you in LA on the 16th!
Give to our fund drive!
And, make a li’l video for us, please!



The Secret City

We worship art.

PS – We’ll be back in NYC for our final service of the season on Sunday, June 30th at Dixon Place. The theme will be CHILDHOOD.