the next service is in Los Angeles on June 11

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We need your help to raise $14K in less than 48 hours!

The fund drive for Season 6 ends at midnight tomorrow. We have collected $16,403 from 200 donors. Our goal is to raise $30K from 300 donors. $13597 from 100 people in 35 hours? It could happen, but not without the magic of you! Here’s a list of things you can do to help:

  • Donate. $1, $5, $25, $100, $1,000 or anything in-between– whatever is realistic for your budget. There are thank you gifts for each level of contribution. Even $1.
  • Spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, and Google + using the handy links on our Indie GoGo fund drive page. Belong to other artist or creative groups? Got a Facebook page or separate Twitter account for your work or art? Post an appeal and link there too. Explain why The Secret City is important to you. Ask folks to donate and re-post your appeal.
  • Send a personal email with the same appeal to your friends and family. (You can use the “email” button on our Indie GoGo campaign page.) They may be more likely to actually see it and likely to take it more seriously. Entice them with a promise of celebration drinks, cupcakes, a BBQ, something special if the goal is met.
  • Like our awesome fund drive video on YouTube.
  • Using Twitter, direct message artists with lots of followers and ask them  to tweet an appeal. Offer exact copy to make it super easy.

Do you have any other ideas for how we as a community can spread the word and collect almost $14K from 100 people  in less than 48 hours? Please leave a comment here or on our Facebook page. Thank you!

Service Recap, Cultural Calendar, and Reading for our June service ( themed Ecstasy) will be up after the fund drive.


Experience Ecstacy: Next Service is Sunday, June 24th and Fund Drive Update

Here comes summer! Ice cream, swimmin’ holes, sweaty walks in the park – and the real possibility of extended joy. Come close out the season on June 24th with a service dedicated to ECSTASY.

Sunday, June 24th
11:30am to 1:15pm
Dixon Place
161A Chrystie Street
between Rivington and Delancey Streets
Free childcare will be provided.
RSVP and Share via Facebook (optional)

Also, our Season 6 Fund Drive continues. We have raised a lovely $3,460 from 45 fabulous donors, but we are far from our goal of $30,000 with 300 donors by Wednesday, June 27th. We need your help now!!!! Please continue to spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, email, and good ol’ fashioned word-of-mouth. Please also contribute if you haven’t. Even $1 would help!  *Click here to donate.*

Thank you and hope to see you soon!



Special Service in L.A. this Sunday, June 10th

We’re bringing our service which is part tent-revival, part-cabaret, and part ceremony to the city of Angels! On Sunday, June 10th at Noon we’ll be at the Bootleg Theater celebrating the new L.A. chapter of The Secret City. The theme is CALIFORNIA. Just like our NYC services, there will be live music, performance, storytelling, community and a whole lotta feel good vibes. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to reconnect, recharge, and rejoice with us!

Bootleg Theater is located at 2220 Beverley Blvd, Los Angeles, CA. Suggested donation is $10 but no one is turned away for lack of funds. Free childcare provided. Bring a baked good or snack to share if you can.

RSVP and share via Facebook. (optional)

NYC community: See you at our next service on Sunday, June 24th.

PS: Our Season 6 Fund Drive is still in progress. Please support us.