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“Money, Money, Money, Mo-ney, Money” Service Recap

Yesterday we had a rich service on the theme of Money.

The house band and choir kicked things off by performing “Money.”

We mingled. We breathed.  The cultural calendar was read by Danyon Davis.

We looked at visual artist Peter Simensky‘s Neutral Capitol, a form of colorful currency he creates by collaging failed world currencies. Some of the art depicted images of sexual exploitation and other themes associated with money. The new bills have recognized value within the art world and have been used as currency to purchase other art.

We ate delicious black eyed peas and collard greens prepared by Barrett Washburne. Barrett is from South Carolina, a state that traditionally celebrates New Years Day by eating this dish which represents money and good fortune.

Caroline Woolard, co-founder of and Trade School, made money disappear with her sudsy purple magic potion. She raised questions like “Why must we trust God to use this currency?” and talked briefly about local currencies and other means of exchanging value.

Modern-day troubadour Andru Bemis played his banjo and sang Two Dollar Bill. He later sang Nobody while playing the guitar. Andru and the music was so simple and engaging. Everyone sang, clapped, and stomped along with him.

Chris Wells read Ashes, the story of his recent trip to the monied East Hamptons. It had quite the surprise ending. (Pardon the pun.)

The hat was passed. Chris then announced that The Secret City is trying to raise $30,000 and get 300 donors for the Season 6 fund-drive to cover operating cost. Please visit IndieGoGo to donate and see the great video appeal.

The band closed service with Pennies from Heaven.



Our next service is this Sunday, April 29th. The theme is MONEY!

Taxes, inflation, economy, labor, work, income, commerce – all of these involve MONEY. But, what about creativity? Join us for our next service this Sunday as we look at the powerful force of MONEY, in art, song, performance, community and food – it’s going to be a rich, rich gathering. Here is the line up:

  • Caroline Woolard, co-founder of and Trade School, will perform.
  • Modern-day troubadour Andru Bemis will play his banjo and sing in his mournful voice.
  • Visual artist Peter Simensky will show us the new currency he creates using failed world currencies.
  • Barrett Washburne will prepare the food offering of black eyed peas and collard greens. (Money on a plate! Yippee!)
  • YOU! Please send photos of your wallet, purse, or money clip (inside or out) to community member Sarah Beaumont at moneyholdersATgmailDOTcom. She is collecting the images to create a photo montage that will be shown at the service.
  • Of course, the choir will sing and the house band will play.

Here’s some brain fiber to digest before service: Why are (most) artist so (fucking) poor? A survey of NYC exhibiting artists’ earnings from 2005 to 2010.

Want some musical brain fiber? How about this Wu-tang Clan vs Beatles mash-up of C.R.E.A.M.. Dollar dollar bills y’al!

RSVP for service via Facebook so all your friends can see how much fun you’re cramming into your Sunday morning.

Sunday, April 29th at 11:30am
Dixon Place
161A Chrystie Street
between Rivington and Delancey Streets
on the Lower East Side
$10 suggested donation
Free Childcare!





A Whole New World!!


Welcome to our new blog! Which is part of our new website! Which is GLORIOUS! And, was designed, developed and executed by Anni Poppen at No Expectation Only Intention. Anni has embarked on an amazing new project – she’s starting a new design and marketing firm, and as a way to kickstart her business, has selected 12 non-profits to work with over the course of 2012, one per month. We were lucky to be chosen as one of her 12, and we’ve just completed our month of collaboration. Anni overhauled our entire look, updated our logo and created a new site using pics from our archives. She’s been amazing! Can’t recommend her highly enough. Also, check out the new site – we’ve got an artist gallery (lots more pics and artists still to come, but you’ll get the idea…) an archive of our past services, as well as a donor page. Not to mention it’s beautiful. Thanks, Anni! You’re the best.