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Monthly Archives: January, 2012


This month we celebrate WONDER! Something that great art inspires, and something that inspires great art.

This month’s service has a wonderful line up:  Park McGinty’s visuals and the always-wonderful Sxip Shirey making unique sounds with his box of toys and noise-makers, and Annie Rudnik and Harold Cromer are going to dance for us, and I mean DANCE.

The food offering will be inspired by the amusement park, and we’ll hear a story about entering the bizarre and magical world of community theatre.

The Secret City – WONDER
Sunday, January 29th
Dixon Place161A Chrystie St 10002
on the Lower East Side.
$10 suggested donation
Free Childcare!



For the winter solstice, WAAAAYYYYY back in December, we had our service on LIGHT. It was a beautiful gathering, and captured some of the stillness and depth of the darkest day of the year, when the light comes back into our lives. Here are some pics from the day, taken by Beth Rudock.

That’s Bobby Lucy introducing the visual art for the day – photographs taken at night by Steve Giovinco.




The food offering being passed out was a cranberry fruit fool – a delicous, light, whipped cream dessert made by Anna Hayman. mmm. Here it us up close:







Here’s a shot from the film clip we showed, Busby Berkeley’s Gold Diggers of 1933. This number is AMAZING – The Shadow Waltz, sung by Ruby Keeler and Dick Powell, and then danced by about a hundred showgirls who, at one point, bust out these neon violins. Incredible artistry.







These are the illuminated wine glasses of the amazing Jonny Rodgers – Jonny plays tuned wine glasses, and composes amazing songs for them, along with guitar and voice. He often loops all of these things, too, to create a beautiful, haunting sound. We’re proud to call him a Secret City regular. He brings magic whenever he appears!!

Here are Jonny’s hands in action:







So, it was a beautiful, light-filled day, the perfect send off for the new year. And now we are in January, heading toward spring. The cycle never ends – dark and light, cold and warm, life and death, and always a thread of beauty streaming through it all. Grateful for all of it.



Jonny Rodgers, musician

JONNY RODGERS plays wine glasses (as featured on our home page!). He also plays the guitar, sings, loops, records but it’s the wine glasses that add the element of magic to his work. A composer of ethereal tunes, he first came to The Secret City on the recommendation of Steve Giovinco and Dru Arstark, who had heard him perform at the Ethical Culture Society. He agreed to come perform for us, and transported his equipment down from New Haven. We were transported. He’s played for us a bunch of times now – and, that’s his track that plays on the opening page of our website.


Sxip Shirey, musician

SXIP SHIREY is a magician of sound. A composer, musician, bandleader and roustabout, Sxip’s specialty is using unlikely, often everyday objects to make extraordinary music. He’s performed at The Secret City several times, and brought in Pyrex bowls, marbles, hand bells, a child’s piano, bicycle bells, whistles – you name it. And he always makes something beautiful and rare.