the next service is in Los Angeles on June 11

Monthly Archives: December, 2011


Our next service is Sunday, December 18th, and we will celebrate the upcoming winter solstice by celebrating LIGHT! We’ve got a beautiful gathering of artists coming together – photographs, desserts, music, singing and lots of candles.

Sunday, December 18th, 11:30am
Dixon Place
161A Chrystie St.
$10 suggested donation
Free Childcare!




Our last service on November 20th was a beautiful tribute to COMMUNITY. We had an amazing gathering of friends, old and new, and we held our 2nd annual food drive, benefitting Food Bank of NYC. Here’s a picture of the altar, with a pile of donated food in front of it:








See that quilt hanging behind the altar in the picture above? It’s one of three beautiful quilts by Twila Peachey, a 92 year old quilter from Pennsylvania. The quilts were donated by Rodney Harder, who commissioned them. Quilting, of course, is an art form that speaks to community, and quilts are often made collaboratively. Here’s another one:






Twila is a Mennonite, so these quilts reflect that community, and the simplicity of the design speaks to the values of their lives. Here’s the third quilt:








Here’s Taylor Mac, who led the community in a monolog from his show, The Lily’s Revenge.















The food offering was THE BROWNIE, brought to us by Scott Laborsky at Bummer Baskets. BEST. BROWNIES. EVER.








Martyn Thompson, who designs our monthly altar, assembled a beautiful collection of dolls and toys. Here’s a close up of some of them:
















Here are THE SECRET CITY SINGERS up in the mezzanine.







And here’s Martyn Thompson himself.









These are Martyn’s legs.


















We played an improv game where a volunteer was blindfolded and guided by the community through a collision course. This is India Kotis, a very game soul.














Here are folks giving their food offerings at the beginning of the service.










Charlotte and Leigh Ann at the coffee hour after the service.









Natasha, Helene, Ellie and Noah.









Ayun, Milo and Greg – a very sweet family.









So, that’s it for COMMUNITY. Another beautiful gathering with a beautiful group of people and shared experience. Thanks to all the people who came out, brought food, shared in the love and goodwill. It is the ability to be with other people that will determine a great deal of our future, our ability to be together in non-commercial, peaceful and celebratory environments. Every time we gather, the power of the ritual and the clarity of our purpose becomes clearer. We are connected. See you next time.


Pictures by Beth Rudock and Bobby Lucy.