the next service is in Los Angeles on June 11

Monthly Archives: October, 2011

Our next service is October 30th. The theme will be PERSONA.

We threatened to watch hours and hours of Bergman films. But I don’t think that’ll happen. In fact, we’ve already got some puppets lined up, some amazing new music, someone who sews all her own clothes, perhaps a movie clip, and lots of amazing people, music, art, food and CULTCHAH!! It’s the day before halloween — guaranteed to be a deep n juicy time.

Sunday, October 30th PERSONA
11:30 am
The Secret City
@ Dixon Place
161A Chrystie St.
$10 suggested


It was an INSPIRED day.

We had an amazing kick off to the 5th season – our first service was September 30th and it was a beautiful celebration. Strudel, Aerialists, music, art that you can crank with your hands — all in all an amazing collection of artists and those who love them. Here are some great pics from the day, taken by Beth Rudock -(thanks Beth for documenting the day so beautifull!!):









these are aerialists from the company grounded aerial – they performed an amazing piece for us. Here’s a sweet kid, looking like she’s enjoying the show.









This is a drawing by Jon Rosenbaum, who was the featured visual artist of the day. He brought in drawings and sculptors — really incredibly imaginative work.









Ooh, this is homemade STRUDEL!! Made by Amanda Freitag and Vera Eisenberg –  you haven’t lived until you’ve had handmade strudel — the dough is SO light and delicate. Mmm.










This is the whole shebang!! The singers in the loft, the musicians, art installed, CW leading the crowd in the opening song and a big, beautiful house of art-worshippers.









Here some folks are checking out the sculpture of Jon Rosenbaum, many of which are activated by hand – this one has a little crank and the insides of it turn, revealing various levels and workings of the piece.








This lovely lady with the incredible mane of gray hair is Dana Levin – amazing poet from Santa Fe, NM. She created and delivered an invocation for our this service, the first of our 5 season!!









Here’s Jeremy Bass warming up with the singers, vaught in the reflection of a vitrine on top of the altar – maybe i shouldn’t try to explain such a beautiful photo – it’s an amazing moment.
















The Secret City Singers!! Man oh man, do we love these ladies — so sweet in their red outfits. The heart and soul of The Secret City.









Here’s the inside of one of Jon Rosenbaum’s amazing sculptures, see the little hand crank down at the right side? You turn that and the inside rotates and things become revealed about the inner workings. So magical.
























Sweet Sarah Darby – a great supporter and participant. Love this pic.










IT was a day of inspiration – joy, laughter, music, art, community. What a beautiful thing continues to grow here. It’s a blessing to witness. Next month, PERSONA, on Sunday, October 30th. Oooooooh. xo