the next service is in Los Angeles on June 11

Monthly Archives: November, 2010


Our service last Sunday was a celebration of food, SUSTENANCE was the theme, the food we need to survive. What a nourishing day it was. Here’s the tasty Kelly Coffield Park, all dressed up and SMILIN’!

Here’s the gang of Secret City Priestesses, singing EAT IT, and homage to New York street food. That’s Raquel Cion, Kelly Park, Brandon, CW, Rae C. Wright and Laurie Strickland.

Here’s Mark Adato, our featured visual artist for the month, installing his stickers of candy and other sweet treats before the service.

And here it is:

Mark’s a video artist, and we watched a video piece of his that, as he explained, was like seeing the insides of the images that were on the walls. It was hyper-kinetic, visually dynamic shapes and colors, dancing and vibrating to gamalan accompaniment. Super-sweet.

Here’s the divine Jennifer Miller, who juggled a holiday dinner for us!

Here’s the amazing John Fleck, who read the Cultural Calendar for us, and our sweet friend John Harris. Both visiting from Los Angeles.

One of our many new visitors to the Secret City!


Our Next Service, NOVEMBER 21st — SUSTENANCE.

We will gather to celebrate SUSTENANCE — food that gives us strength. Join us as we head into the Thanksgiving season, and we prepare to honor what we need to survive. In addition to our guest artists and performers, food will figure in the service, even more than usual. But it won’t be all fancy, it will be sustaining foods. Basics. Staples. We’re also using this service to do a bit of good work beyond the service itself — we’re holding a food drive to benefit the Food Bank of New York, a place that provides food for 1000s of hungry New Yorkers every day. To take part, please bring food items that are in their original, unopened packages; are within the expiration date on the package; and are in plastic jars or containers, not glass.

The Secret City SUSTENANCE
Sunday, November 21st, 11:30am
Dixon Place
161A Chrystie Street, btwn Rivington and Delancey
$10 Suggested Donation