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Monthly Archives: October, 2010

we all got really scared

What a terrifying service we had last Sunday!! Thankfully, there was a nice big house of friendly people, or I might have lost it. We watched a scary movie, we played a game about fear in the arts (The Scream, The Scottish Play, Alien, Hitchcock, The Shining, etc etc …. ) AND, we were visited by a verifiable FEAR DEMON, in the person of RED BASTARD (seen above) who was mean to us all, and forced us to confront our fears about ourselves as artists and humans. Hysterical, deep and scary.

Our featured visual artist of the month was Laura Breen, who makes scary images. This is a series called Kindertrauma, featuring a little ghoul in a red coat. Beautiful and sad, full of pathos.

Our altar, complete with funeral bouquet…representing the greatest fear, DEATH.

Here’s our band, growing every month! We now have a drummer, the wonderful Jim Pietsch, and room for a horn section!! Soon to come … love these people, thankful for their talents and time. Jimmy O’Donnell led some theme-appropriate tunes — closing the set with SPOOKY.

Here’s the long shot of our beautiful new home at Dixon Place.

Look, up in the sky, it’s a huge, human, heart, obscured by darkness … we often fear having our hearts broken…

Here’s Rae C. Wright in the house.

and the darling Charlotte Booker, who read for us: PHOBIAS, a Brief Compendium of Fears.

and Kelly Coffield, who read the Cultural Calendar:


And Chef Amanda Freitag, who provided us with our food offering for the day, Roasted Pumpkins!

Here’s another shot of RED BASTARD, love those skinny legs!!

Here are some lovely ladies in the lounge, after the service. Mary Karr and her sister, along with Secret City board members Rosanne Cash and Mary Evancho.

Here are the lovely Ana Perea and Andrea Thome, such a sweet picture!

Sexy/sweet Betty and Luke!

Gettin’ all cute and warm in the lounge!!

Here’s Steve Giovinco and Bobby Lucy, whose birthday we celebrated after the service, with some delicious, homemade coconut cake!


Charlotte and Sharon:



Nick and Delaine — first timers at the Secret CIty. They look so HAPPY!!

Owen and Eliza Park!!

All new faces: and we LOVE newcomers at The Secret City!


Wonderwalkers who now come to the service: Ellen and Michael:

JD, Leanne and her pal in the cute velour shirt…all yukkin it up!

Here’s Brandon showing off his FEAR piece, which he brought to add to the altar. Thanks, Brandon.

And our sweet Rachel Coloff. A ray of light on a Sunday morning.

Here’s Carson and his lovely friend, who was with us for the first time. Hi!!

Here’s Zeroboy and Eric Davis, AKA Red Bastard, freakin us ALLLL out.


This  is Trink and her friends after the service.

Here are Brandon and Leah, up close and personal:

And speaking of personal, here I am with my beloved Bobby Lucy. So happy to be alive together, and sharing this creation of The Secret CIty. It’s such a beautiful adventure. Thanks to all who came out and especially to those who participated in the service — musicians, painters, scenic, writers, singers, actors, helpers, servers, clowns, etc, etc, etc … really an amazing day, and an amazing way to share this look at FEAR. It didn’t kill us, perhaps it made us stronger. xoxoxoxxo



Our next service will be Sunday, October 24th, and our theme will be FEAR!! We’ve never celebrated fear before, and I’m thrilled about the prospect of looking at this most exciting, dangerous and complicated human emotion.

The Secret City *FEAR*
Sunday, October 24th, 11:30 am
Dixon Place, 161A Chrystie Street.
$10 suggested donation.
Free childcare!!